Race with the dolphins

The first superyacht regatta of the year in the lens of Jeff brown

New Zealand’s Bay of Islands is not in vain got its name: its waters are next to each other there are more than 140 pieces of sushi. 30
January to 2 February this natural labyrinth was the venue
the annual sailing regatta NZ Millennium Cup. This year the Cup has United
race Race Orams Marine, NZ Marine International Boat Race and Race Day.

After the first race due to technical problems the team’s 34-metre Royal Huisman Sassafras had to refuse from participation in the regatta. Fight
continued between 27,7-foot Nautor’s Swan of Freya, the 33.8-metre
Yachting Developments ‘ Silvertip, the 48.5-metre Vitters Thalia
and 28.1-meter Alloy Tawera, whose crew won the Cup in 2017

consistently won first and second place crews Tawera and Freya rivalry was especially fierce. Despite all the efforts of the team of Freya, at the end of five races Tawera remained undefeated and again won the main prize of NZ Millennium Cup.

Barely held on rewarding teams as organizers of the Cup said that
has opened reception of applications for participation in the competition in 2020 and 2021
. In the future the audience will watch competitions including yachts

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Such different boats

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Thalia in harmony with nature

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Who sport, and who is fun!

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