It’s not so obvious

July 27, 2019

      It's not so obvious
      We have become accustomed to the fact that racing in such an unstable in strength and direction of the wind, which these days reigns in the eastern part of the Gulf of Finland, sometimes presents very unexpected results, writes

It's not so obvious

Either one or the other teams with a high rating every day find themselves, if not in the end, then in the middle of the fleet, and instead of fighting for the top places, they spend forces to finish at least in the top ten. Interesting racing, not simple!

So on the eve, looking into the standings of the Russian championship in the Dragon class, it was difficult to assume that we would see the sail of the Estonian yacht EST 5 first, because the guests from Tallinn, headed by Alexei Zhigadlo, occupied only a modest 16 a place. The second came around the yacht Russo Orient Express Mikhail Chaikin (RUS 91), which is fighting to hit the top ten. Already the third sign reached Anatoly Loginov (RUS 27), followed by the “dragons” of Denis Pilipenko (RUS 45), Sergey Borodinov (RUS 81) and Vasily Senatorov (RUS 34).

The leaders successfully (and, probably, not without a share of luck) took advantage of the significant approach of the wind, which occurred while the boats tacked on the windward mark. The same circumstances did not allow other teams in the first segment of the distance to realize their full racing potential. Many recognized leaders at the sign found themselves in unusual places: the Portuguese Pedro Andrade – on the twelfth, Dmitry Samokhin – on the sixteenth, Mikhail Senatorov – on the seventeenth …

Subsequently, the wind direction changed less frequently and less, and the repetition of such evil jokes from the weather no longer followed. To the credit of the leading racers, the further course of the struggle showed that it would be unfair to explain their luck on tacking with luck alone. Mikhail Chaykin did not just keep ahead, but managed to bypass Estonian yachtsmen at full speed and was the first to pass the gate. Anatoly Loginov also proved successful and, having passed well under the spinnaker, pushed EST 5 to the third position. “Dragons” by Sergey Borodinov, Vasily Senatorov and Victor Fogelson kept track of them, gradually “eating” RUS 45 began to lag behind.

On the second tack, Chaikin’s resistance was finally broken, and the country's multiple champion, Anatoly Loginov, rushed to the finish line, already in a clean first position. And Mikhail joined the fight against Vasily Senatorov, defending his second place now. Both teams had a great finish of the race, finishing almost simultaneously, but I feel good IDA Chairman still crossed the coveted line first. Honor and praise to both teams, which now can safely bring the past race to their assets!

Pedro Andrade again, according to the “scheme” tested at the start of the regatta, played seven places by the end of the race and finished fifth, Sergey Borodinov remained in fourth place. Estonian sailors on EST 5 chalked up 6 points. Dmitri Samokhin, who so vexedly failed at the beginning of the race, also did everything to improve the situation, and eventually finished it on the 9th, having risen from 16th place, but … It’s too little to feel confident in the last day of the competition fight for top honors. Moreover, now the silver of the championship for one of the favorites of the regatta can be a very difficult task.

After 6 races, Anatoly Loginov (RUS 27) had 13 points, Vasily Senatorov (RUS 34) had 15 points, Dmitry Samokhin (RUS 76) had 18 points.

Anatoly Loginov (RUS 27):

– Yes, today there were difficult wind conditions. But they are not easy every day. And today, even simpler than the day before. Today was one run, and a few yesterday. Statistically – and everyone talks about it – the right side is preferable in the westerly wind. But we must look at the fact. And even during the first start, when it was canceled, the right side looked good. And we were going to fight for it. But literally three or four minutes before the start, we saw that the wind was coming. And they took a bad start – and still he helped us. Are you satisfied with this race? Yes, we are happy with all the races. It is interesting because – not that in the same San Remo. It blows steadily, but here you need to be constantly alert.

Mikhail Chaykin (RUS 91):

– We started well – usually we do not succeed. Let's go left, although the plan was right. We reached the approach, turned, and even a little dragged. Estonians turned a little earlier and eventually went first to the mark. We then bypassed them at Ford. But Anatoly Loginov overtook us first, and then, on the last stretch of the distance, Vasiliy Senators. Is the success of the third coming for us? Yes, this is a jump above your head!

Championship results after 6 races –

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