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In Sochi on the basis of the fgbi “South Sports” came to the end championship of Russia in Olympic class 470, 49th, 49th FX, “Laser”, “Laser radial”, “Nakra 17” mixed and “Finn”. Here are the details from the press service of the WFTU:

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The competition was entered by 138 athletes from the Volgograd, Voronezh, Moscow, Novgorod, Rostov, Samara, Leningrad, Chelyabinsk and Yaroslavl regions, Krasnodar, Primorye and Khabarovsk territories, Sevastopol, St. Petersburg and Moscow.

– Fight for all the places, and prize, and others – were very dense, hot, said at the awarding ceremony, Vice-President of all-Russian sailing Federation, Vadim Mekhanikov. – All tried to win a gentleman- honest, sports. I want to congratulate everyone with the end of the championship and wish them great success in the sport!

– Competition was very interesting, – said at the closing of the senior coach of national team Anastasia Chernova. Racing was a lot. More at the weak wind, but on Saturday and with the fresh wave. So the beat is really strong and versatile riders. The results of the competition will be formed the main and youth teams of Russia.

Those who were able to qualify the team already in November start to prepare for the next very important year, the Olympic year. Those who failed to qualify, I’m sure, still to come. Strive team strive to be leaders in their regions, winning Championships and tournaments.

Separately want to say about the participants of the championship of Russia, which is the last competition – the final in the Junior age. It’s always a little bit sad. It’s like prom for us coaches the youth team. I wish “graduates” success in the adult sports. We are waiting for new achievements!

Later, Anastasia Chernova told us more details about the results of the regatta:

– In the championship of Russia traditionally have classes in which there is very fierce struggle. This, for example, the class “Laser radial”, which in Sochi raced and boys and girls, and juniors. A very strong fleet, the top ten are very worthy. So the victory in this fleet, and was won by Dmitry Golovkin, which is his first season in the “radial” is a very good result. Especially because girls who competed with him (V. Lomachenko, Maria Kisluhina, others) is a very experienced and included in the main national team of Russia.

In the class of “Laser-standard”, too, was an interesting fight. First place was definitely for Daniil Krutskikh, and the remaining prize guys fought to the last.

470 class an absolute advantage in Timothy Grigoriy-Ryabova and Alexei Safonov, for them it is the final championship of the country, and they have already made it to the main team. A very young crew (mark and Pavlov Viktor Plekhanov) took second place. The guys came for the first time on the championship – and from such a good result was shown! Very pleased with the number of young athletes who came to this class. Already there are mixed crews. Of course, the next crews will more, but the Junior is already there, and run good – Olga shoykhet and Denis Makarov won bronze in the championship.

Among the girls 470 class first Ekaterina Ermakova and Pauline soukhova. They are, incidentally, took third place in the championship of Russia. Are very decent.

In the class 49 was a very interesting fight. Each of the five crews participating in the race took place in the top three. Two of the crew were quite young – speakers in the class the first year. Mikhail Ushkov and Kirill Boboshko, who won the gold with a more experienced. It is great that such a high class competition. The guys have room to grow, they are still very young.

In the class the 49th FX clear leaders – Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova, who are the leaders and the main national team. They, of course, was a little boring to race on the championship, but the girls prepare for the world Cup in New Zealand, which will host the Olympic lottery licences and they needed training. I think Zoe and Diana found that the train during the championship in Sochi – the weather conditions were interesting.

Pleased with the class “To 17”. Last year, we still have one Junior crew went to geulah, now three of the crew are already fully competed. Saturday was a very big wave and the wind, and the guys managed.

Class “Finn”, of course, upset a small number of participants, but this trend… it is Clear that because the class was removed from the Olympic programme, juniors choose other classes.

As for the championship of Russia in class RS:X, among the girls are very pleased with Yana and Anastasia Reznikova Shchedrin. The girls fought with honor! Especially in the weak wind, which for them is an advantage. Ian even came to one of the races first. Third place at the age of 16 in the championship of Russia – a very good result, which ended a good year for her.

Among boys Ilya Kirichuk took 5th place. I note that in the Windsurfing huge role played by the physical condition, and athletic than the older, the stronger it is. In 19 years of competing with men 24 years hard. I believe that Elijah did it with dignity.

Full results –

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