And Kisluhina.

December 16, in Vladivostok, in the pub, “the Old captain”, a solemn ceremony of summing up the sailing season 2018 “yachtsman of the year in Primorsky Krai”.

At the beginning of the ceremony, the President of Federation of sailing of Primorsky territory Mikhail Ermakov reminded about the merits of the oldest yachtsmen, whose energy and force was conceived and developed sailing in the region.

“Their devotion and loyalty to the sail, their ardent love of the sea in 50-ies-60-ies of the last century, we, their descendants, today can enjoy such a beautiful sport,” said Mikhail Ermakov.

Like last year, the winners of the main awards “Yachtsman and Yachtswoman of the year” was determined by the number of victories in sailing season 2018-up to the regional, national and international competitions, and social activities aimed at the development of sport in the province.

This year the “Yachtswoman of the year” is recognized as 18-year-old Maria Kisluhina, who won 1st place in the women’s competition at the Andalusian regatta, 1st place at the Olympics, young people, and on Superiority of Russia. However, she was unable to pick up your Cup because now studying in Saint-Petersburg and currently is in Spain at the races. Cup Mary took her coach Mikhail Utkin, for when to tell her personally.

The nominees were Anna Sannikova and Diana Krylova.

Yachtsman sailing 2018 was Vladimir Ermakov, the permanent leader of the yacht “Alice” (class Platu 25). This year on account of Mr victory in the Cup of Vladivostok race “Sails of Russia”, the championship of Vladivostok, Seven feet Cup, the far Eastern regatta sailing Cup Eastern economic forum, an international regatta Far East Cup (as the XO) and many other victories, which gave him the right to take home the Cup.

Nominees are steering Valery Dychenko and Dmitry Khodyrev.

In addition to the main nominations were awarded a number of special. Special prize to the crew of Seven Feet Teem with steering Ilya Ermakov was awarded for the victory in an international regatta Far East Cup 2018.

A special prize was given to the crew of the yacht “pulsar” (captain Vladimir Soroka) and “Komandor Bering” (captain Vladimir Gamanov) for offshore race Yeosu – Vladivostok in an International regatta of sailing ships.

Was also awarded the Paralympic Kamalov Egor and Dmitry Honic for the gold and silver of the championship of Russia.

Special prize – the Cup them. G. V. Shchegoleva – was awarded to the crew of the yacht “Nadezhda” (captain Alexander Makeev), 1st place among Russian teams in the category Open class in the 31st cruising race route Hakodate – Aomori. 2nd place in this race was won by the yacht “Siberia” and captain Vitaly Ciriec.

The award ceremony continued by honoring the winners and participants of the First international far Eastern regatta in the DN class, which was held on 15-16 December on the lake.Khanka with the participation of Berestov from Germany and Sweden. 10 participants, including the only 15-year-old girl Polina Artyukh, find out who is the most experienced in the management of the Buer. The victory went to our Anton Didenko.

Sailors also acknowledged the contribution of sponsors in the development and popularization of sailing sports and of media.

Special gifts to the President of the Federation Mihail Ermakov has received from a friendly rowing Federation. This year rowers celebrate its 20th anniversary and with the yachtsmen of their long-term friendship and one base – sailing and rowing base “Work”, which now operates the yacht club “Seven feet”.

The holiday ended with live music, dancing, comic award and competitions on the sailing theme.

Yana Konoplitskaya,
press center yacht club “Seven Feet”

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