Blame keel blocks?

In the history of the death in the Mediterranean 130-foot (39.6 m) mega yachts My Song, falling into the water from the deck carrying its cargo ship, something finally beginning clearer.

Decided to speak out publicly David Holly – the head of the largest British transport company Peters & May, which is a world leader in the provision of services on transportation of yachts and boats. On the cargo ship of this company, and there was a tragic incident with My Song.

Here’s what Holly said in a press release:

“We have been informed about the fall of a yacht from the deck of the cargo ship MV Brattinsborg about 4 a.m. may 26. … Immediately after this guide Peters & May has instructed the captain of the MV Brattinsborg to attempt the rescue of the yacht – until then, until will be called a third-party rescuers…

At the time of release of this press release may 28, a rescue operation was still continuing. At the same time, in Peters & May gave the command MV Brattinsborg to continue the voyage in destination Genoa, in order to ensure the safety of the other yachts that are installed on the ship.

A thorough investigation of the incident. On initial assessment the cause of the fall of the yacht overboard was the destruction on the road from Palma to Genoa of kilblane (owned by the boat supplied for transportation and storage of yachts and the assembled crew)”.

Mr Holly highlighted that this is an initial assessment, which must be verified in the prescribed manner.

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