From Kaliningrad – to Kaliningrad!


      From Kaliningrad – to Kaliningrad!
      Here is the news we read on one of the Kaliningrad Facebook pages:

From Kaliningrad - to Kaliningrad!

Quietly and imperceptibly in Kaliningrad, an outstanding event took place in the field of local, and indeed the whole Russian yachting – the Kaliningrad yachtsman Vladimir Marataev completed his three-year round-the-world sailing on the Inspiration II yacht.

Most of the way – the Pacific and Indian oceans, part of the Atlantic, the Mediterranean, the Red Sea and the Baltic Vladimir went alone. He walked without sponsorship, without advertising, relying only on himself and his strength. During the trip, he went through many adventures – calm and storms, the passage of pirate-dangerous areas, equipment breakdowns and torn to shreds of sail.

And now, under the fine drizzling rain, Inspiration II approached the berth of the yacht port of Heidekrug (Seashore). On the shore of Vladimir met children, grandchildren and friends, yachtsmen. Hugs, pats on the shoulder, shaking hands, congratulations, and of course, the traditional fried pig (in fact, a cake in the form of a pig).

Everything around the world is over. What's next? Vladimir himself will tell about this when he rests a little.

P.S. Yacht Russia congratulates Vladimir Martaev on completing a trip around the world! Keep it up!

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