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Saturday 12 October was the final official race of the sailing season calendar 2019 – Chichester-flight. The details have shared the page “Sailing in the Moscow Region” on Facebook:

It was the 10th anniversary of Chichester-flight, and crashed it 67 participants. The weather was autumn (air +6+8 , water +12, wind 5-7 m/s , gusts to 12 m/s drizzling rain) and started out 52 people. Got to the finish, not all – was torn sails, shrouds, stranding, but knowing what you “can” warmed the soul and help in the fight for the victory!

Due to the huge desire of sailors to participate to the race to the participating cruising boats added “soling”, “Star”, a catamaran, trimaran, “Em-Ka”, “Rocket 670”, SB20 (who it was that was involved).
All yachts pass the distance (long loop between the Dmitrovsky bridge and Pirogovskaya dam) met the time limit.

This year the race was won by a classic cruising yacht class “Folbot” and the winner Danila Nesterov (I/to “the Patriot” ) on your Folkmote and for the first time independently on the wheel , he usually chases the team.
Many thanks to the company “Vneshtradeservice” and the magazine “Yacht Russia” , supported by the race organizers – I/K “”KB Khimmash im.And.Yu.Isayev” and personally Denis Baturin.

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