OptiOrange 2020: applications now open

International regatta in the class “Optimist” OptiOrange Valencia published the regatta regulations and announced a set of participants. The competition will be held in Valencia from 5 to 8 March 2020.

The organizers OptiOrange Valencia – Yacht club of Saint-Petersburg and host competitions of the Real Club Náutico Valencia, continue work on the preparation of the third season of the popular international regatta OptiOrange Valencia.

Held in March this year, the second season OptiOrange Valencia tripled the participants, in comparison with the first regatta in the previous year. More than 300 young sportsmen from 16 countries spent a week in training and competition in excellent conditions of the waters of Real Club Náutico Valencia. Daily participants were also provided with free lunch, were awarded hundreds of prizes, including a new building of boats “Optimist”, and, of course, tons of oranges and freshly squeezed juice.

For the convenience of the teams daily plied the Shuttle, which delivered athletes to the yacht club and back. Guests of the regatta and the parents could watch the competition on Board a luxury vessel plying near distance.

Of course, the main ingredient of success was a great valensise waters. During all days of training and competition smooth blowing wind is light and of moderate strength. Thanks to the professional work of the Committee or minutes of competition time was not lost.

In the new season, the organizers are planning to implement a number of ideas that will help to improve OptiOrange Valencia. Given the explosive growth in the number of participants, the planned two races for Junior and senior athletes. In this case, all “chips” that have made so popular OptiOrange Valencia will be saved. It is a low entry fee, convenient and comfortable Charter boats, free food for participants during the competition and much more.

“Among other things, OptiOrange Valencia is a great chance to prepare for the season sparring with the strongest yachtsmen of Europe, says regatta Director Denis Pilipenko. – This spring, at the start of the regatta came twice world champion Maria Perello Mora from Mallorca, award-winning Martin Attila from Estonia, many winners and prize-winners of national Championships of various countries. Before important international competitions for the Russian juniors is a great chance to test your form. Well, among other things, Valencia is just the perfect place for training, competition and rest.”

On the official website of the competition published on the regatta regulations OptiOrange Valencia 2020 and launched the functionality at the request of the athletes and the payment of fees. Reduced the cost of application form will be valid until February 5, 2020.



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