First finish – in Copenhagen


      First finish – in Copenhagen

Having started in German Kiel, five teams participating in the Nord Stream Race 2019 regatta went through the first offshore crossing and finished in Copenhagen.

First finish - in Copenhagen

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The best were the representatives of the Royal Danish Yacht Club, the Russian Leviathan team finished second, the Swedish Royal Yacht Club was in third place, the Finns from the Aland Islands Yacht Club were the fourth and the last were representatives of Germany from the North German Racing Association.

The results in the standings can still change: the representatives of Germany protested the actions of rivals from Denmark in one of the racing episodes, the judges have not yet decided on this incident.

During the race, all the crews went close to each other and almost all the time could watch their rivals. At the beginning of the race, the wind speed was about 13 knots, at night the gain came up to 18 knots, and towards the end of the race, near Copenhagen, there was a calm.

Steering "Leviathan" Maxim Titarenko noted that the stage was difficult, but interesting: "We have generally started the start, despite some general nervousness and confusion. After that, the race was very diverse in terms of conditions, so I can call it a great experience. And the wind, and the waves, and the coastal relief did not allow to relax. I set a personal record in this race – 16 hours behind the wheel. When I looked at my watch, I didn’t believe that it could be. ”

The Leviathan team was the first to start in Kiel and was in the lead for most of the race.

But at some point the boat caught something on the keel, and as a result almost got up. It was at this point that the Danes went around the Russian crew, and it was already impossible to catch up with them.

“Russia was in the lead almost all the time, especially in the second part of the race. We fought with them practically nose to nose and, finally, came off closer to Copenhagen. Here the wind turns sour, and we see how the Russians and the Germans are quickly catching up with us. Then they got up, and we were able to win! Thanks to the Russian guys for the excellent fight, it was a fantastic race! ”- said the skipper of the Danish Royal Yacht Club team Peter Warrer.

Tomorrow, June 25, a series of short races will be held in Copenhagen, and in the evening the fleet of the Nord Stream Race will start the second offshore stage. This will be the longest transition – from Copenhagen to Stockholm, which will take about 2 days.

The results of races, tracking available on the link –

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