Thank you, Siberian Cup!

December 9, 2019

      Thank you, Siberian Cup!
      The Siberian Cup in snowkiting and winter windsurfing ended in Novosibirsk in Novosibirsk. On Sunday, the solemn closing ceremony of the competitions and the award ceremony took place.

Thank you, Siberian Cup!

The current Siberian Cup was no less athletic and fun than all the previous ones. In these few days, a real celebration of the opening of the snowkite season was laid out! The organizers conducted an entertainment program with free snowkiting lessons from Wind’s House kite school and lots of entertainment from the Leonov Show and OUTDOG Trecking. The sports part of the event was no less eventful. In the snowy waters of the Ob Sea, the first snowkiting competitions of the course-flight, freestyle and marathon disciplines took place this season.

Windsurfers also participated in the course flight and the marathon. Winter windsurfing is the same as summer windsurfing, but instead of a surfboard, athletes use a special platform with downhill skiing attached to it. The winner in this discipline was the Arkhangelsk athlete Andrei Khargovsky. The best winter windsurfer this year was Alexandra Fedorenko from Novosibirsk. The junior victory also remained in Novosibirsk, with Ivan Kozhemyakin.

This year, over 120 participants entered all disciplines! Of these, 38 are young athletes who showed at least a heated fight at a children's racing distance than adults! Following the results of 11 races, Savva Kilpio took the victory to Moscow.

All the competition days on the course-flight distance (a race with the envelope of signs located in different directions of the athlete’s movement relative to the wind), the audience watched how the best racers of Russia fought for prizes and until the last intrigue remained, who would win. As a result of 12 races in the overall classification among skiers, the first place was taken by Nikita Kodanev, a young and promising athlete from St. Petersburg. One of the domestic leaders, Gennady Shelyganov from Kolomna, won the snowboard. Among the ladies, the winners were skier Maria Bukreeva from Novosibirsk and snowboarder Tatyana Sysoeva from Chelyabinsk.

It is worth noting the most difficult discipline – a marathon. This is a long distance race that lasts several hours. Athletes drive over 45 km for the race. This is a real challenge for any snowkiter. Among skiers, Ilya Gibadullin became the champion, among snowboarders Stepan Koncha. In winter windsurfing, Ivan Kozhemyakin from Novosibirsk won.

The most spectacular, of course, were freestyle races (athletes perform high jumps with acrobatic stunts using the power of kite traction). This year, four-time world champion in snowkiting in the discipline of freestyle Yekaterinburg Artyom Garashchenko came to us. Artem participated in the planning and equipment of a special zone necessary for competitions in this discipline, in accordance with international rules. And, of course, showed an incredibly high level of riding. Among the skiers, a worthy program of high and difficult tricks was performed by an athlete from Novosibirsk Artyom Murashev. The girls showed no less spectacular performances. The winner was the Novosibirsk athlete Maria Bukreeva.

The organizers thank everyone who helped organize this event this year, including for the prize support of Surfpriyut BAO, Crazy Silver, Cabrinha Russia, HabRus, NL-international and Tsifrodom!

See you next year!

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