Annapurna, like a year ago


      Annapurna, like a year ago
      The final day of the “Silver Cup 2019” in the Dragon class at the Hercules yacht port began with a steering meeting, which was brief but to the point. The head judge announced that two races are planned. Weather allows – the wind is about 7-8 knots, east / southeast.

Annapurna, like a year ago

The start of the first race, according to the website, was given at 12.15 with a wind of 4 knots. The yachts started cleanly, but after half an hour the situation of Saturday repeated: the wind turned sour both at the sign and at the GSS. The judge gave the cancellation of the race.

The next start was given as soon as a confident wind of 4-5 knots blew. This happened at 13.37. All 16 boats went to the upper mark.

The first rounding is RUS 27, LAT 3, RUS 32, RUS 78. The team of Alexei Murashkin is again ahead, followed by Anna Basalkina and Maxim Gankevich. But towards the lower gates RUS 32 stands out as a leader, and the situation in the first three changes somewhat – RUS 32, RUS 27, LAT 3.
The wind goes up to 155 degrees, the judge notifies the riders about this by hanging the flag C on the lower sign.

After the second tack, Gankevich (RUS 32) continues to maintain leadership. Sergey Yazikov (RUS 78), who until then held fourth, and the winner of two previous races Aleksey Murashkin (RUS 27) are enveloped with a decent lag.

And finally, the finish line. The first with a large margin came Maxim Gankevich, Ivan Sysoev and Oleg Chugunov (RUS 32), the second place was still pulled out by Alexei Murashkin (RUS 27), bronze from Sergei Yazikov (RUS 78). Anna Basalkina (LAT 3) finished the race in fourth place.

According to the forecast, by 3 p.m. the south-east wind increased to 7 knots, and 20 minutes before the end of the control time the chief judge gave the final, fourth race of the regatta. They all started cleanly.

The five leaders were identified at the first rounding – Sergey Yazikov (RUS 78), Maxim Gankevich (RUS 32), Anna Basalkina (LAT 3), Alexey Murashkin (RUS 27), Sergey Bakharev (RUS 84). Next, we observe the traditional jerk RUS 27 at full speed and the rounding of the gate immediately behind RUS 78. The second tack – and again the change of leader: RUS 27, RUS 78, RUS 32. It seemed that the winner was determined. But no, the last segment – and again castling: the winners of the final race were Sergey Yazikov, Alexey Dubinin and Igor Frolov (RUS 78). In second place is Alexei Murashkin (RUS 27), the third is Maxim Gankevich (RUS 32).

Thus, the "Silver Cup" took place! The absolute winner, like last year, was Annapurna by Alexei Murashkin, Vadim Statsenko and Vladimir Ikonnikov (RUS 27)! Two first and two second arrivals provided the team with a well-deserved first place and the famous challenge cup. Silver at Maxim Gankevich (RUS 32), bronze at Yuri Kulikov (RUS 55).

In the standings of the "classics" in the first place is the team of Anna Basalkina, Vladislava Ukraintseva and Eriks Masteyko (LAT 3), they have the fourth place in the overall standings. The second – the team of Sergey Bakharev (RUS 84), the third – the crew of Dimtri Kibirev (RUS 21).

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