The last race of the season on the Baltic sea

Today in St. Petersburg will host the first race of the national championship sailing of yachts SB20. Starts in the Gulf of Finland will be the last in the Baltic official competition of the Russian calendar.

A large number of regattas that take place both in Russia and abroad, allows riders in good shape the approach to the main starts of the season. While in class SB20, he this year already traditionally eventful. Club races, international regattas, stages of the Russian Cup and other events almost non-stop follow one by one, successfully complementing each other.

So, the national championship was preceded by the race of the open championship of St. Petersburg, which was attended by many Russian sailors. The entire podium, however, left for St. Petersburg: the victory was celebrated by the crew of Daniel Banana on the second and third set, respectively, the team of Igor Ginzburg and Arsene Chubarkov. The opportunity to compete for the prize it’s a shame to have missed the riders from the B-Team, who were able to speak only in the second part of the competition, but it performed admirably, winning four races in a row.

“Another feature of the present championship of Russia, in addition to held on the eve of the championship of St. Petersburg, was harmoniously blended in with the autumn series of events “Clinic Hugo Rocha” – says the Executive Director of the National Association of yachts SB20 Natalia Fedorova. This year, participants of the clinic was much more than in the past, which testifies to the commitment of our riders to improve their skills. Pleased that Hugo himself will take part in the championship of Russia in the team Alexei Semenov”.

In international regattas last season note the successful performance of the winners of the winter series in Cascais – athletes of the MST steering Vasily Grigoriev, and also the team of Igor Ginzburg, which (along with other good results) won the regatta in the French hyères. Deserves attention and “bronze” AM-RUSARC (steering Anastasia Morozova) on the stage of the Grand Slam in Cowes (England).

In October the leading teams of the country will travel to France to participate in the world Cup. Some of them are already in hyères, where this week takes place French championship in SB20 class. We wish our athletes good luck in the race!

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