In the gold fleet 12 our teams

The yacht Maria Andrei Malygin ranks third in the European championship in class J/70, which continues on lake Garda in Italy.

After two days of racing and 6 races, the team Malygina (Alexei Borisov, Andrei Kirilyuk, Leonid Klepikov) 25 points (with one outlier), parishes 4 – (17) – 1 – 9 – 9 – 2.

Ahead of Russians Spanish Marnatura 1Луиса of Bugallo 14 points and the British Eat, Sleep, J, Repeat Sex ward – 22.

We will remind that in the championship the participation of 127 teams from 23 countries. After two days of racing was split into gold and silver fleets. In gold, in addition to Maria, included 10 teams under the Russian flag:

10. Akhmat (Alexander Bozhko) – 42 points;

28. RUS83 (Alexander ezhkov) – 77;

31. ArtTube (Valeria Kovalenko) – 83;

32. MSailing – CSKA (Michael Polakowski) – 84;

36. Kotyara (Oleg Evdokimenko) – 95;

43. Joyful (Denis Cherevatenko) – 108;

48. New Territories (Alex Semenov) – 114;

51. Zid art Sailing Team (Zoran paunović) – 116;

53. Jane (Dmitry Tretyakov) – 118;

57. Dolce Vita (Inna Balashova) – 125.

In addition, at the 42nd place is Amais Sailing Team – a Russian team skippered by Sergey Dobrovolskiy, but under the flag of Cyprus.

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