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At the end of May, at a press conference in the Milan Design Museum La Triennale, the Sanlorenzo shipyard announced the creation of two new models: SL96 Asymmetric and SD96. But if the official premiere of the first is only scheduled for January 2020 at boot Düsseldorf, then we will see the second soon: it will debut in September at the Cannes Yachting Festival.


SD series yachts are models with a three-dimensional transitional hull made of composite materials. With an impressive power reserve, they are by no means slow-moving: the speed of 15-17 knots in this class is an excellent indicator. Existing SD is developing so much, of which there are two in the line now: SD112 and SD126. Both are well over a hundred feet long, so it’s not surprising that Sanlorenzo decided to complement the series with a more compact entry level model. Moreover, there has already been a precedent – the 28-meter SD92, introduced in 2007, has an impressive success story: over the years of its release, the shipyard launched 27 hulls. In a sense, the new SD96 is its evolution with many new ideas, masterfully inscribed in the characteristic shape of the SD series yacht.


Who knows how to politely handle the heritage is the Zuccon International Project, to which Sanlorenzo has entrusted the development of the architecture of the new model. The fact is that the SD series has a characteristic look reminiscent of the transatlantic liners of the 1930s, and Bernardo Zuccon was faced with the task of maintaining this recognition, while creating an ideologically new model. “Today's market requires us to review the prevailing installations in the typology of yachts in order to meet the new requirements for volume and functionality. That is why work on the SD96 was not limited to preserving heritage; we began the search for new scenarios where the transformation of space provides an opportunity for a new experience of life on board, ”comments the designer himself.

Considering that Bernardo Zuccon created the Sanlorenzo SL102 Asymmetric – the first asymmetric yacht introduced last fall (he is currently engaged in the new SL96 Asymmetric), he should not take radicalism in his approach. However, with all the novelty of the solutions, SD96 is distinguished by laconic lines – a real classic in a modern reading.

Another 96-foot Sanlorenzo model, which will debut at boot Düsseldorf 2020, is the development of the concept of the first asymmetric SL102, which premiered in the fall of 2018. Asymmetry allows you to not only physically increase the living space on board, but also come up with new scenarios for its use. According to Bernardo Zuccon, who proposed this concept, the main difficulty is that having made asymmetry a key idea, it must be carefully hidden so that the yacht maintains the harmony of the outer lines. Such an unusual concept requires a new approach to the living space on board. As the shipyard promises, the interior of the SL96 will break all stereotypes: its designer is Laura Sessa.

If we go to the details, the first thing to mention is the “hybrid” flybridge. In the aft part, this is an open-air terrace, and in the fore part there is a wheelhouse where the control room and a salon are located, which can be isolated with the help of sliding doors or, on the contrary, can be opened almost completely: not only the doors are removed, but also large-scale side glazing. The second interesting solution is a two-level recreation area on the bow of the yacht: the terrace is flush with the flybridge and the “beach” at the level of the main deck is connected by an external staircase. So far (before the Cannes Yacht Festival) the shipyard does not publish all the data and photos, but, as far as one can judge, this staircase is the only access to the bow “beach”. Open deck aisles go from the stern to about the middle of the hull, and then the superstructure expands to the sides, which made it possible to create a huge master cabin with panoramic glazing in the bow of the main deck.


The name of the designer, to whom (more precisely, whom) Sanlorenzo entrusted with working with the interior of the SD96, sounds the first time in the yachting world. But in the world of interior and industrial design, Patricia Urquiola Hidalgo is a legendary person. Her portfolio includes eclectic works for dozens of companies, many international awards, exhibitions in the best museums in the world. “I chose Patricia because we wanted to add more femininity to the interiors of Sanlorenzo yachts, which until now was alien to the world of yachting. Today, Patricia is the most sought after female designer, thanks in large part to her talent for combining beauty and comfort. Her projects are characterized by a drop of irony, poetic sensitivity and great respect for the hard work of artisans, ”commented Massimo Perotti, head of the Sanlorenzo shipyard.

Indeed, if you look at the sketches of the interior of the SD96, it is difficult not to notice its unusualness against the background of the yacht mainstream: long-established (and often tough) ideas about zoning space, colors, lines and materials.

The central element of the interior, dividing and uniting the space on board, is a staircase made of bronze steel, wood and travertine (tuff lime), connecting three decks. Salon Sanlorenzo SD96 is made on a modular basis: the space can be reorganized, changing its functions. An interesting option is a dining table for 10 people, tidying up inside the bench in front of the sofa.

The upper deck saloon (as mentioned above, the glazing is fully open) can be used as a more private living room, dining room or movie theater thanks to modular furniture.

The same principle of flexibility and versatility can be seen on the lower deck. Here, with the help of sliding panels, you can create a fully isolated living room or equip an additional VIP cabin with a private bathroom. In total, eight guests in four cabins and five crew members in the aft compartment will be accommodated on the lower deck. But the owner’s apartment is located in the bow of the main deck. Due to the extension of the superstructure to the sides in this part of the hull, it has a much larger area than we used to see on yachts of this class. Huge windows and a patterned glass bulkhead create a sense of unity with the environment. And in the bathroom, ribbed glass walls, a bronze mirror and travertine finish create a fancy play of light and reflections.


We’ll make a reservation right away: there are few of them – the shipyard keeps the information secret until the official premiere. What is already known is the maximum speed, and it is higher than that of other SD models (18 knots), if you choose the more powerful of the two proposed engine systems (two MTU engines of 1380 hp). Cruising speed is slightly lower – about 16 knots. A calmer option is a pair of Caterpillar C18 1150 hp.

Dossier Sanlorenzo SD96

Length 29.29 m Width 7.60 m Fuel reserve 15 500 l Water reserve 2500 l Engines 2 × MTU 10V 2000 M86 (1380 hp) / 2 × Cat C18 (1150 hp)
Maximum speed 18 knots Cruising speed 16 knots Capacity 10 people Crew 5 people

On the flybridge, in addition to the open "beach" zone, there is a closed cabin with aft doors. Behind the transom is a garage with a tender length of up to 4.5 m

The vast space in the rear of the hull accommodates not only the crew’s premises, but also a large garage where you can hold a tender up to 4.5 m and water “toys”. By the way, an additional “fleet” will fit on a spacious bathing platform, lowered by a hydraulic drive. This is an important advantage for a yacht with a large power reserve: on long trips you will never be bored if there is a good selection of watercraft on board.

Well, it remains to wait for September, when we (and, of course, you) will be able to personally get acquainted with this interesting yacht and, perhaps, even test it.

Text Olga Selezneva Photo by Sanlorenzo

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