Best of our – Lastin and Kanaplev

Page RUS Youth Sailing Team reports that on lake Garda (Italy) completed the championship of Europe in class the 29th.

On the final day of competition athletes to gold and silver fleets took part in two races, after which the results were summed up.

Among the Russian athletes at the European Championships, the best result was shown by the crew of Dmitry Lazdin/Nikita Kanapleu, who took 18 th place. Also in the gold fleet by Ilya Chuprin/Brovin Rodion, who became 50-mi. It should be noted that in the category of athletes to 17 years, they ranked in the top ten and took 6th place.

Scored equal points with the British Victoria Liksonov and Pauline Peresipkina was forced to play in the bronze fleet. In five of the eight races, the girls showed a good result, coming to the finish line in 20-ke the best, but because of three very bad starts has occupied 15-e a place. The young crew Maxim Cooper/Daniel Roerich also gonawila in this fleet, was 36th among the participants of the European championship in the category under 17 years athletes have been awarded 24th place.

Detailed results –

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