NPL: League Cup at Akhmat’s


      NPL: League Cup at Akhmat’s
      In Kaliningrad, in the Upper Lake, the sixth, final stage of the Higher Division of the National Sailing League took place. These starts summed up the 2019 season. Here is what the NPL press service says:

NPL: League Cup at Akhmat’s

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20 teams came to Kaliningrad to get their last points in a season: Calipso (helmsman Maxim Taranov), “Sail Master-ASIA” (Vyacheslav Ermolenko), “PIROgovo” (Yuri Morozov), ZID art Sailing team (Zoran Paunovich), Burevestnik Sailing Team (Maxim Titarenko), RUS7 (Anatoly Arnautov), ​​Academy of Sailing of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club (Anna Basalkina), Rocknrolla Sailing Team (Andrey Novikov), ArtTube RUS1 (Valeria Kovalenko), NAVIGATOR Trem (Alexandra Peterson), Black Sea (Andrey Malygin), CSKA (Mikhail Poslamovsky), Akhmat (Alexander Bozhko), KOMATEK (Vyacheslav Frolov), (Eduard Hemmed c) East-West (Andrey Zuev), Region 23 (Evgeny Nikiforov), Matryoshka (Natalya Kravets), USC (Eduard Skornyakov) and X-Fit (Vladimir Silkin).

For three racing days, the race committee gave 39 starts. Each team was driven 13 times.

In Kaliningrad, everyone was struck by the Rocknrolla Sailing Team with their brilliant performance. The team has 6 victories, four second, one third and two fourth arrivals. The team of Andrei Novikov at the end of the day has never receded from the first position. Congratulations to the team with the most treasured gold of the season – the gold of the Grand Final!

The team that took second place according to the results of the stage fought the fiercest of all. Tuapse Calipso fought not only for the Kaliningrad medals, but also for the title of champion of the National Sailing League-2019. If the first team of Maxim Taranov succeeded – the Grand Final silver is sent to Tuapse, then the crew did not have enough 0.5 points before the championship cup …

The team of Valeria Kovalenko ArtTube RUS1 completed the season with the bronze medal. During the regatta, the team won five races.

The fourth line of the final results of the Kaliningrad regatta was taken by the team of the Chechen Republic “Akhmat” steering Aleksandr Bozhko.

As early as Saturday, Anna Basalkina’s team claiming a medal, the Sailing Academy of the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, finished the stage only on the fifth line.

ZID art Sailing team Zoran Paunovich – sixth with three wins. One first arrival is less than the seventh-place team is Vyacheslav Yermolenko, “Sail Master – ASIA”. Also, two victories in Kaliningrad at the Burevestnik Sailing Team. Maxim Titarenko’s team is only the eighth. The final day did not work for Andrei Zuev's East-West team – the ninth line. The top 10 closed the X-Fit of Vladimir Silkin.

As for the championship title of the Highest Division of the National Sailing League, the excellent result of the season was shown by Alexander Bozhko, Hasan Hadzhiev, Boris Kucherenko, Roman Konstantinov, Alexander Andrianov, as well as Oleg Kuzmin, who participated in the previous stages.

The team of the Chechen Republic has never lost the first position in the overall standings during the whole season!

The Akhmat team deservedly won the League challenge cup. Congratulations!

Second place in the 2019 season at Tuapse Calipso. The third line belongs to the team of the Academy of Sailing of the Yacht Club of St. Petersburg.

Results of the 6th stage –

The overall standings of the season are

89 Yesterday # 9365

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