Sailing Champions League arrives in St. Petersburg


      Sailing Champions League arrives in St. Petersburg
      From July 4 to July 7, the third qualifying stage of the European Sailing Champions League 2019 will be held in St. Petersburg

Sailing Champions League arrives in St. Petersburg

European Sailing Champions League – a competition of the best athletes of the continent. St. Petersburg Yacht Club has been accepting this competition in Russia since 2016.

This time, more than 20 strongest yacht clubs in Europe will present teams in St. Petersburg that have won prizes in the national sailing leagues of their countries. On Neva, athletes will compete for a place in the final of the Sailing Champions League, which will be held in Switzerland in August.

21 teams from 13 countries will arrive in St. Petersburg. These are the best yacht clubs in Germany, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Finland, France.

Russia will be represented by 5 teams – the St. Petersburg Yacht Club, PIRogovo (Moscow), the St. Petersburg Yacht Club Sailing Academy, ArtTube RUS1 (Moscow), Calipso (Tuapse).

Everyone can come to the beach of the Peter and Paul Fortress to support the athletes. Throughout all the racing days, professional sailing race commentators will work: Honored Master of Sports, 1998 world champion in the Olympic class Soling, Sergey Volchkov and Match TV commentator Alexei Zhirov.

Competitions are held on the same (monotype) yachts of class J70.

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