Schulteys do not care

July 10, 2019

      Schulteys do not care
      Behind the second day of the world championship in the class "Optimist", which takes place in the English Harbor Bay on the island of Antigua.

Schulteys do not care

But before we tell about its results, let us give the floor to the coach of the Russian team Ilya Elyshev. Here is what he told about the first day of the regatta to the press service of the Krestovsky Island sailing school:

– Our luggage arrived only one day before the regatta, so we did not train on our sails. It did not work out to the end to feel the speed in such difficult conditions. The five-meter swell, on which there are three or four waves, in addition to the flat, can be found only in Cascais. And few people understand how to wind it up. The first speed tack is very important, no mistakes can be made. If you are hit by a wave, you automatically lose your place at the start … Many teams started very badly, including ours. Mistakes dismantled and today we will try to fix them. According to the plan – two races. The wind is increasing and will be even more difficult. But we will try to improve the results.

Now about the second day of the championship.

At once we say that Richard Schulceis (Malta) strengthened his advantage. He again, like the day before, won in both races of the day. Amazing constancy – despite the fact that the conditions, as Elyshev suggested, were even more difficult than on the first day.

As for the five young Russians, they are still far below in the results table, but it is encouraging that three of them managed to climb in this table. And, for example, Danila Ivanov in the fourth race finished 13th. Hopefully, this is the first swallow.

Here are the results of the Russians. The numbers in brackets are the places they occupied after two races of the first day.

146 (171). Artem Maksimkin – 142 points, parishes 43 – 40 – 20 – 39;

151 (142). Fedor Krivobokov – 145 points, parishes – 32 – 38 – 38 – 37;

172 (181). Ivan Zhilkin – 167, parishes 38 – 47 – 37 – 39;

186 (211). Danila Ivanov – 170, parishes 47 – 51 – 59 – 13;

192 (178). Maxim Bondar – 175, parishes STP30 – 55 – 50 – 40.

Detailed results of the first day of the championship –

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