Winning a debutant!

March 25, 2019

      Winning a debutant!

In Sochi Grand Marina by Burevestnik Group I Stage I of the Supreme Division of the National Sailing League took place, according to

Winning a debutant!

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After a stormy Saturday day, Sochi on Sunday presented the 23rd League teams with wonderful sunny weather and the opportunity to conduct another fourteen very intense races. Six teams participated in four races on Sunday, fourteen in five, three in six.

In total, over the entire weekend, viewers were able to watch 30 racing fights. The teams have 10-11 starts.

Sunday started ArtTube RUS1 (Valeria Kovalenko) the best, the team won three races out of five.

The surprise of this racing day was two victories of Region-23 of Evgeny Nikiforov. The first two arrivals in the piggy bank for the team from St. Petersburg are the Rocknrolla Sailing Team (Andrey Novikov). ZID art Sailing Team (Zoran Paunovich), NAVIGATOR Trem (Alexandra Peterson), “Sail Lord ASIA” (Vyacheslav Yermolenko), Burevestnik Sailing Team (Maxim Titarenko), Yacht Club Sailing Academy Saint Petersburg (Anna Basalkina), USC (Edward Skornyakov) and (Edward Podshivalov).

The Akhmat team (Alexander Bozhko), a debutant of the National Sailing League who started the regatta of the season, slowed down (5-3-3-6) on the final day, but kept her leadership. In a very tight fight, she snatched the victory from ArtTube RUS1 and RUS7 (Sergey Shevtsov).

Last year's champion Burevestnik Sailing Team (formerly Leviathan) steering Maxim Titarenko – on the 10th line of the rating.

The results of the first stage –

On Sunday, guests and residents of Sochi were also able to watch the performance of 29 young athletes from Sochi, Moscow, Tuapse and Rostov-on-Don in the Children's Division. The winners of the girls were the pupils of the Sochi school of the Olympic reserve: Yuliya Naimushina, who also won the overall standings of the regatta, Alika Karavaeva, who took the second place, and Polina Morozova – the third.

Nikolay Petukhov made the most of the boys, Georgy Brazhenko won the silver, Daniel Lihoivan won the bronze.

The next stage of the Supreme Division will be held in Tuapse on April 18-21.

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