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Final report Helena Tekinay from Valencia, where he completed the fifth and final regatta in TP52 this season – 52 SUPER SERIES Valencia Sailing Week:

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Unfortunately, on September 23, the final day of the regatta and the season of the 52 Super Series in 2018 – the head of the Race Committee Mary Torrico and failed to start any races. The promised North-East wind, which appeared in the first half of the day, was too light and was not able to overcome South-East breeze. The distance was on the border of the opposing weather systems, and the team was left without ability in combat to finish the season.

Six-time world champion American Quantum Racing, with Terry Hutchinson as tactics and with Dean Barker on the wheel for the 4th time won the title of champion of the season with an incredible lead of 37 points from second place which went to German Platoon. Last year’s world champion led by team owner Harm müller-Spream on the wheel and John Kostecki as tactics, together with the silver season became the owner of bronze Valencia Sailing Week. Harm Mueller-Spreer also became the best season in the standings tail-owners of teams. According to him, competition in the Series, it is getting harder and harder this year, especially: “I am happy to be among the best professional riders. I’m still just a “regular” sailor”.

Bronze season with equal points with the German team and 4th place on regatta in Valencia got the winner last season and two-time world champion Argentine-итальянскойAzzurra c Guillermo Parada on the steering wheel and Santiago Lange as a tactic. Because her usual tactic Vasco Vascotto Luna Rossa team this year had to re-build communication and engagement. As the tactic was invited by the famous champion and medalist in multiple Competitions, the Argentinian Santiago Lange, and in fact “saw Italy” had to start from scratch.

According to the steering team will conduct an in depth analysis of his speech in the season and next year hopes to reach peak form. While Lance will continue to work with the team as a tactic. He is already looking forward to next year. “Everyone wants to do better, but I’m happy because we grew up from regatta to regatta. In Croatia we had big mistakes, but then we started to play better and better. I always analyze their results by how well we raced and how much has improved and I think we should be satisfied with the result”.

Note contender next America’s Cup – the legendary Italian team Luna Rossa has won the final of the regatta, but the year finished on 4th place. Regretting the missed opportunity on the podium of the season, team tactics Vasco Vascotto was nevertheless satisfied with what I have achieved quite a new team on a brand new boat. “We are proud that we won two regattas of the five, we grew as a team. We have some very young 20-year-olds on Board. For them and for us it was a great opportunity to race together, to learn to survive the bad days and enjoy the moments of success. I was very optimistic about the future, even though we know that lost points in the race, but this is life, this sport and these competitions – best in the world. The team’s main task – participation in the America’s Cup and 52 Super Series regatta was an opportunity to learn to work together, to communicate better and to grow.”

According to the steering Francesco Bruni said he was pleased with the result. “The season was long, of course, we were hoping to get on the podium, but the fact that we won two stages here, in Zadar, is a very satisfactory result, we are satisfied”.
Regarding the future plans of the team, Francesco reported that they begin the program of preparation for the America’s Cup, their new, built to current season boat ТР52 already sold, it will be in the next season of the Russian Bronenosec, Gazprom.

“We are pleased that the Russian team back in the Series. We give them great, well-built boat that gave us so many emotions. Sorry, we don’t chase in the Series next year, it’s a very interesting competition, but we now have all the attention directed at the America’s Cup. Will soon begin building a test boat, and around June, in 2019 we will start to chase”.

As stated by the skipper and Director of team Luna Rossa’s Max Sirena, the team immediately sent to its base in Cagliari, where already about a hundred people including designers and shore team are working in close cooperation, creating a new boat. “We launched the most important programme “New generation”, which was picked by many young guys. I think we are the youngest team out of all Cup. It is very important that the Series we held a kind of team building, learn to be and work together. When will be ready a large AC-the yacht is simultaneously difficult and exciting. It will be very difficult controlled boat, and we should be well prepared. We spend a great analysis of the past season in the Series, there are many things you should pay attention to, and many lessons to be learned”.

Quantum Racing’s tactician Terry Hutchinson was finally able to exhale and enjoy the result of tremendous hard work. “This is the day we’ve been waiting for a whole year. The season was difficult, and designed to make this season better.”

Part of the team in this season Series was part of the preparation of the applicant following the 36th America’s Cup – a consortium of American Magic. As the skipper and Executive Director of the team representing Yacht club of new York, Terry said: in addition to win to Quantum this season, during the races, it was very useful to work out the interaction with members of the Cup team, who were on Board, in particular with Dean Barker.
About the preparation for the America’s Cup Terry said that plenty of work ahead, but he can’t yet disclose the details.

Helmsman Dean Barker was sorry he could not compete in the last day, because the plan was to try to win this regatta, and the team remained in second place, just one point from victory. On impressions of the whole season, Dean said that for him personally it was very important to win the world championship in Cascais. “It was a great year. I raced on these boats since 2009, and it was great to come back and win this season.”

Next season’s 52 Super Series will consist of five regattas. The first stage will be held in late may in Menorca.

Full results here –

52 SUPER SERIES Valencia Sailing Week

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