Ocean Race-2021/22: 18 teams already!


      Ocean Race-2021/22: 18 teams already!
      Before the start of the circumnavigation of the Ocean Race (as Volvo Ocean Race is now called), another good year and a half – the race will begin in Alicante (Spain) in October 2021. But some results can be summed up now.

Ocean Race-2021/22: 18 teams already!

The fact is that just these days the first stage of filing applications from those teams that intend to take part in the world tour is ending. This stage is exactly the first – then there will be another second and third. But, nevertheless, now we can talk about the serious success of Ocean Race-2021/22: as many as 18 teams have submitted applications!

As you know, from now on, yachts of two classes take part in the race – VO65 and IMOCA 60. And here are the lists of comers (each team has already paid a small initial payment):

Class VO65

W Ocean Racing (Netherlands)
NZ Ocean Racing 22 (New Zealand)
Ocean Racing GMBH (Austria)
Sailing Poland (Poland)
Swedish Team (Sweden)
Team Baltic (Lithuania)
Mirpuri Foundation Racing Team (Portugal)
Team Mexico (Mexico)

Class IMOCA 60

Offshore Team Germany (Germany)
11th Hour Racing Team (USA)
Spanish Team (Spain)
TR Racing (France)
Paul Meilhat (France)
Team Malizia Ocean Challenge (Germany)
French Campaign (France)
Tigress Racing (UK)
China Sports (China)
Asian team

Already 18 teams – and filing continues. It will be hot in the distance!

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