In Risør and Portoroz

Dreams that three Russian crew participated in the world championship in the class 49erFX, which ended in Risør (Norway), will complete the regatta among the top ten, remained, alas, dreams.

The top ten were only one of our crew: Zoya Novikova and Diana Sabirova finished the championship in 7th place (146 points). Daniel Usachev and Ilya Ganeev (220 points) eventually become 12th, Vasily Andreyev and Leonid Posev (224) – 14-th position.

“I tetroxide in distilled well – this is the opinion of coach Vadim Pusheva, which leads the press service of the sailing school “Krestovsky island”. – A rival Zoe Novikova and Diana Sabirova with whom they used to compete, now chasing behind. Girls have become stronger. Prize to take place did not work, but the seventh place in the world – high score. Especially because of the girls they are the most Junior.

After the first days, when the muzzle was expecting that the guys will take place in the top ten. But the wind turned sour, and they, like Zoe, the weak wind is good can not walk. In the 49er and 49erFX must undergo great knurling. At least six months to get a feel for the boat. And they just spent a month on the water in this class. In the medium to strong wind I feel more or less. But also 12 and 14 – too bad for the world. Besides, the boys were the youngest in the championship.

The weather was excellent: three days of strong winds, then average in the final day of the weak. The air temperature is comfortable – 19-20 degrees. In Norway, generally good climate.

Now we will continue training. The competition proved once again that we still have to train and train. At the end of summer, the boys will Board a 49er”.

Gold medals went to the Italians – Alexander Stalder and Silvia Speri (70,7), which was ahead of long time leader in the regatta Swede Wilma Bobek and Malin tengstrem (74).

Recall that in Risør also hosted the world Cup in the 49er and Nacra17. In the first of these disciplines was the first new Zealanders Isaac Makhardi and William McKenzie (33 points), far ahead of all its competitors. The only Russian Duo Mikhail Ushkov/ Kirill Boboshko took 38th place (166).

Finally, in the Nacra17 our General was not presented, and participated in the regatta only 9 crews. However, the world championship is a world championship. Defeated the Italians Gianluigi Ugolini and Mary Jubilee (26.6 points).

The full results of the championship in Risør –

2019 Junior World Championship


Another world Championships – 470 class – was completed in Portoroz (Slovenia).

In the discipline of 470 (men/ mixed crews) brilliantly made by the Italians Giacomo Ferrari/ Giulio Calabro: in the 11 qualifying and final races 8 times they finished first. In the medal race, however, were third, but it’s already anything could not change. Have Ferrari and Calabro 23 points, while the second-placed Germans Daniel Hettlich and Linus Klasen – as much as 60!

Our Timothy Grigorin-Ryabov/ Alexey Safonov – by 21-m a place (151 points), Olga shoykhet/ Denis Makarov – 38-m (139).

470 (women) Russia was not attended by a total of 12 crews. The winners of the world championship became sisters from Germany, Luisa and Helena Wanzer (32 points).

The full results of the championship in Portoroz

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