The lady who comes to the rescue

A few days ago, when the operation to rescue Abilash Tom began, flashed a message saying that an Indian can be nominated 57-year-old German Susanne Huber-Kerfi yacht Nehaj.

God, how she ended up in the southern ocean? And anyway – who is she? Well, it’s time to answer these and other questions. But be prepared: the story is long. So…


As you know, the current Golden Globe Race – a tribute to the round-the-world race singles, which took place exactly 50 years ago. Wins then that’s all they know, the British Robin Knox-Johnston.

But was in that race and the other character is the Frenchman Bernard Matese. He started two months late, but moved through the course much faster and had all the chances to receive the prize of 5,000 pounds, any one who will show to race the best time.

However, in Plymouth Matese never came. February 10, 1969, his boat Joshua was seen near the Falkland Islands are already on their way to Europe, but something happened that nobody expected. 18 Mar Matese went on a RAID… of Cape town and with a sling thrown to the deck of the anchored tanker Bank with the message: “passed Cape horn on 5 Feb… I am continuing non-stop the race and go to the Pacific Islands, because I feel happy at sea and perhaps to save his soul.”

21 June of the same year Matese, making one and a half non-stop around the globe, reached Tahiti. And explained to reporters:

– To talk about records is silly – it means to offend the sea. The idea of a competition is ridiculous. You need to understand that when a person is alone for months, he evolyutsioniruet. Some would say – crazy. Yes, in my own way, I went crazy. Four months I saw only stars. My hearing is not tormented by the unnatural sounds. This solitude gives birth to purity. I said to myself: “What the hell are you going to do in Europe?”…

And now the most important. In addition to the Golden Globe Race, is now undergoing another race, the 50th anniversary of the famous voyage around the world. Called – Longue Route 2018. Idol participants is not Knox-Johnston, and Matese because he denied the commercialization of sailing and the idea of round the world competitions.

Longue Route 2018 is not a race, a journey around the world where there are neither regulations nor awards. The choice of yachts for parties (the only condition is that its length should not exceed 52 ft). To start you had in one of the ports located above 45 degrees North latitude in Europe or 41 degrees on the East coast of the United States.

Now, German Susanne Huber-Cervi took the start in 2018 Longue Route of the very first – June 14 of this year she went from Portland (state of Maine). And now there is in the southern ocean.

Abilash Tom and Gregor Macguckin really was from her relatively close. But the key word here is “relatively”. Suzanne was ready to go to their aid. Alas, it would take too much time.


And if I were closer – would be bailed out both, to be sure. The more similar the experience of Suzanne is already there. In the spring of 2008, she came to the aid of her own husband, Englishman Tony Cervi whose yacht during the storm, sprang a leak 700 miles from New Zealand.

You see, the couple has one amazing property: they love long hikes under sail, but entirely alone.

When Mr. cherfi found a leak, it Suzanne was 150 miles from her husband. Because they made a solo trip around the world.

So Tony Cervi decided that will not bother the rescue services. But better wait when the wife comes to him for help, so reliable, and yet will pump water in all possible ways.

Tony sent his wife a telegram. It arrived in two days with their beloved dog on Board. To secure a towline Suzanne could only six times!

On account of Susanne Huber-Kerfi many achievements. She single-handedly sailed around the world. Became the first woman to held – again alone – the canadian Northwest passage. And other, and other.

On account of Tony carfi too many achievements. And even though he’s 77 years old, he certainly is not going to even things up. Also involved in Longue Route 2018. But went from the English Isle of Wight.

You know, the family tradition can not be broken!

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