Lost yacht Volvo 60 Esprit de Corps IV

June 7, 2019

      Lost yacht Volvo 60 Esprit de Corps IV
      The Canadian racing yacht Esprit de Corps IV class Volvo 60 (formerly Amer Sports One, once the third in the Volvo Ocean Race) died on the rocks during the ferry from the Caribbean home to Canada.

Lost yacht Volvo 60 Esprit de Corps IV

The yacht, owned by the Atlas Ocean Racing company in Montreal, was returning home after a successful racing season in the Caribbean islands. On the approach to the harbor of Lunenburg, an unexpected squall hit the boat. The team did not have time to react, and the grotto flew over to another board. In this case, probably broke the boom-sheet, as its end wound on the propeller. The use of the engine became impossible, and the unmanaged yacht was carried to the stones.

None of the team was seriously injured, but after the recovery, the insurance company declared Esprit de Corps "unrecoverable."
So left another once famous racing yacht …

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