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Well-known Dutch design Studio, Azure Yacht Design & Naval Architecture has presented its latest development – 94-metre motor yacht “Purity” (Purity – ed.)

As said by the developers, the concept of “Purity” is the answer to the question: how does a modern expedition yacht? The Azure team decided that the design of this vessel must necessarily be smooth, elegant, pure, taking into account the wishes and experience of seasoned sailors.

Thus, to provide more favourable conditions for entertainment and recreation of passengers in the fresh air, protection is not always a pleasant wind, a large portion of open spaces on the yacht “Purity” is at the stern, while a massive three-tiered superstructure offset to the nose. The superstructure looks simple without any decoration, harmoniously proportionate, slender, clean. Each of her three decks and a wrap-around unibody frame the large picture window giving a spectacular overview of the cabin, owners cabin, main salon and dining room.

In the aft part of each deck are hidden automatically folding stairs, by which passengers can move from one level to another. Here is a large outdoor pool with Jacuzzi, equipped with air and water discharge, the bottom of which is able to rise to the level of the deck and turn into a helipad.

The mega yacht “Purity” can be easily adapted to the needs of any client and his guests. On Board is equipped with 7 luxurious cabins to accommodate 14 passengers, including the owner’s Suite and six guest rooms as well as a beach club, Wellness centre and sports hall. The crew is 20 people, placed in a separate sector.

The project “Purity” provides a fully steel construction with semi-displacement LOA length of 94 meters and a width of 13,8 meters. Not providing the public at the moment, more detailed data about the ship, the developers claim that its maximum speed is 18 knots and cruise of 14 knots. A broad presentation of the project “Purity” will be held from 24 to 27 September 2014 in Monaco for the annual Monaco Yacht Show.

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