Cheer for Mark and Suzy!

June 8, 2019

      Cheer for Mark and Suzy!
      We have repeatedly worried about Mark Slats and Susie Goodall when they hit the storm, write our colleagues working on the #EsmeraldaOK page. Now we are following their participation in the AZAB race. By the way, they are going on a well-known boat – this is still the same Ohpen Maverick, who came second to # GGR2018.

Cheer for Mark and Suzy!

AZAB means – to Azores and back. Ocean regatta length of 2400 miles, begins in Falmouth. Yachts go to the port of Ponta Delgada on the island of San Miguel. After a short break, you need to go back.

This is a handicap race in which singles and double crews participate. The regatta is governed by the rules defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing. Yachts are divided into four single hull classes, divided by handicap.

The race is organized by the Royal Cornwall Yacht Club. The race is held every 4 years. The first AZAB was held in 1975.

Follow the progress of the race here

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