In the medal race missed. And yet…

In Germany ended 125th Kiel week (Kieler Woche). The world’s largest sailing regatta was attended by nearly 4 thousand sailors from 60 countries.

Performed in Kiel and the Russian sailors, but not in all Olympic classes. None of our countrymen, alas, in the medal races was not represented, but some of them stopped, say, at the approaches to these races. Here is the place that took the Russians.

49FX. 53 of the crew. 20. Vasily Andreev/ Leonid Pusev. … 22. Zoya Novikova/ Diana Sabirova. …26. Daniel Usachev/ Ilya Ganeev. …33. Marina Taran/ Angelina Markova.

Laser-standard. 60 participants. 14. Cyril Evfimievski. …34. Ilya Loaches.

The laser radial. 44 participants. 12. Maria Kisluhina. …20. Valeria Lomachenko. …34. Ekaterina Guseva. 35. Ekaterina Ziuzina.

Nacra 17. 22 of the crew. 13. Maxim Semenov/ Alina Schetinkin. …15. Olesya Zhukov/ Maxim Of Perch. …19. Sergey Dzhienbaev/ Sofia Kiseleva.

The brightest among the Russians was made by the frigate “Mir” – he led a parade of sailboats.

The full results of the 125th Kieler Woche –!/results?classId=fx

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