In honor of Navy Day

In the Gulf of Finland on 27 and 28 July there passed a regatta, devoted to the Navy Day of Russia. The regatta is held for the fifth time and gathers a large number of boaters. The race organisers: St. Petersburg Marine Assembly, the Saint Petersburg River yacht club of trade unions and Oranienbaumskoe the society of lovers of sailing.

At the start of the regatta out of 36 crews of yachts of different classes and sizes from 15 to 5 meters length. All the participants were divided into 6 test groups.

The regatta was held for 2 days.

27 July was the naval race stretching for 20 miles along the route Kronstadt – Tolbukhin lighthouse – Fort Obruchev – and back for the prizes of the St. Petersburg Marine Assembly. The race took place in favourable weather conditions: sun, wind, intensified during the race, allowed the participants time to complete the route and to enjoy the race.

EN route to start route race on 27 July, the parties held the traditional parade of sails against the ships coming into the Main Naval parade. After returning to the Harbor all the race participants were waiting for a friendly dinner and a concert.

On 28 July, the wind sharply increased to 12 metres with gusts to 17. In agreement with the most persistent participants of the regatta there were 2 small race, which revealed a strong spirit and strong body of experienced seamen.

In this same period, the group yacht domestic class MX 700 has held a series of 8 short races at the distance.

All the regatta participants got memorable characters, developed especially for regattas. The winners of the races received exclusive prizes, developed especially for regattas, books about the Baltic and the black sea fleet and the Leningrad naval base. There were also gifts from sponsors and books writer’s yachtsman Alexander Utkin autographed by the author.

The winners of the first day were:

In the group L6 of the crew of the yacht “Cupid”,

In group a ORC crew of the yacht “Frigate”,

In the “sump 30” yacht crew “Koktebel”,

In the free group, the crew of the yacht “Fiji”.

The winners of the second day:

In group L6 crew “Varyag”,

In group a ORC crew of the yacht “Slavia”

In the free group, the crew of the yacht “Neptune 27”,

In the group “Tsetus” the crew of the yacht “the World”,

Under Chetvertichnykh the crew of the yacht “Cheetah”,

In the “sump 30” yacht crew “Koktebel”.

On behalf of the St. Petersburg Marine Assembly of the winners and participants of the regatta congratulated and rewarded the Officers of the Meeting Vasily kamluk.

The main judge of competitions was a member of Saint Petersburg Marine Assembly, commander of the St. Petersburg yacht club of trade unions Valentin Naumov.

The coastal program and meet the crew parties was organized by the President of the Oranienbaum companies sailing Yevhen Zakharov.

Pleased that for the fifth year, the regatta dedicated to the Navy Day is one of the most significant events in the life of the Saint Petersburg yacht companies.

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