Gloden Globe Race: the Cape of Good Hope got reduced to ten men

Only 10 of the 18 participants single round of the regatta Golden Globe Race around the Cape of Good Hope — the first of the three capes route length of 30 miles. They need to cross the cold, inhospitable southern part of the Indian ocean, bypassing the archipelagos of Crozet and Kerguelen on the way to Cape Luwin.

Heads the Navy still 73-year-old Jean-Luc van den Heede (Jean-Luc Van Den Heede). 36 Matmut. He is a week ahead of nearest rival — Danish Brand of the Slats (Slats Mark). Ohpen Maverick, which crept close Irish Macguckin Gregor (Gregor McGuckin) on Biscay 36 Hanley Energy Endurance and Indian Tom Abhilash (Abhilash Tomy) in Thuriya, the replica of the famous “Swahili” Robin Knox-Johnston (Robin Knox-Johnston), who won the Golden Globe Race 50 years ago. Abhilash Tomy have made good progress in recent days, ahead of the Estonian Uku, Randmaa (Uku Randmaa) in the Rustler 36 and reducing the gap from Mangakino to one day.

Russian Igor Zaretskiy, who on 11 September was celebrated on Board the Endurance 35 Esmeralda your 67th birthday, continues to participate in the world at ninth place.
The rounding of the Cape of Good Hope were difficult for Igor: on the way he was expecting waves under four meters and the wind was 25-30 knots.

“Sometimes a particularly large wave hits the Board and starts to fly through the cabin. Inside is a complete mess. Every night I clean up the next day to start all over again,” said Zaretsky during one of the sessions with the race Committee.

One of those waves threw the yachtsman through the interior of specplot. He had to consult with the doctor with a suspected broken rib.

Equipment breakdown and psychological difficulties taken out of the fight for the trophy GGR almost half of the participants. The last departures of the Golden Globe Race — Loic Lepage (Loïc Lepage). He made a pit stop in Cape town to repair SSB radio and replenishment of water, the remnants of which would not be enough all the way to Australia. The layover and resorting to outside help, Lepage went to class Chichester.

Previously Ara Vig (Are Wig) was forced to stop the race because of the broken mast in a coup overkill. Have Cuso of Antoine (Antoine Cousot) and Hiking Philippe (Philippe Péché) refused autorului. Kevin Fairbrother, Francesco Cappelletti and Ertan, Beskardes dropped out of the fight in the first two weeks of the regatta, not to withstand the test of isolation and loneliness.

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