In the final – Australia and Japan

Yesterday in Marseille started the final fifth stage of the international sailing League – SailGP, where, recall, teams from six countries compete on the high-speed catamarans F50.

On Friday held three races. Two of them were won by the Japanese team and one for the Australians. Thus, both those and others become unreachable for the rest of the crew by the sum of points scored on all five stages, and if you want a race that will be held today and tomorrow, it would be possible not to.

We will remind that on Sunday after the end of the stage there, in Marseille, will take decisive, the super-final race, in which converge the first and second teams SailGP, Australians and Japanese. The winner will get the main and only prize in the series (the biggest in the sailing world!) – a million dollars. The rest of the team get nothing.

We will remind that initiators of SailGP are one of the richest people on the planet, owner of Oracle Team USA, Larry Ellison, and his right hand, five-time winner of the America’s Cup Russell Coutts. About your project, they announced at the beginning of October 2018.

The results of the first day (the space occupied in three races, and amount of points):

1. Australia (skipper Tom Slingsby) – 2-1-2, 28
2. Japan (Nathan Outteridge) – 1-4-1, 27
3. United Kingdom (Dylan Fletcher) – 3-2-3, 25
4. China (FML Robertson) – 5-3-5, 20
5. France (Billy Besson) – 4-5-4, 20
6. USA (Rome Kirby) – 6-6-6, 15

The overall SailGP

1. Australia – 197
2. Japan – 192
3. UK – 145
4. USA – 137
5. China – 137
6. France – 135

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