With amazing regularity

Today on lake Balaton will be held the final race of the championship in the class “flying Dutchman”. But the winners are already known – it’s the Hungarians, Shabaz Mitani and Andras Domokos.

Thursday at lake Balaton was carried out 3 races, and the Hungarian crew won two of them (all at Maiteny and Domokos 4 first the arrival of 8 races held). Their success at the regatta – not the sensation. On the contrary, it would be surprising if Maitani and Domokos lost someone my first position. Because they occupy a leading position in the class for two decades and are 13-time world Champions, and now 6-time Champions of Europe. Amazing consistency!

As for the Russians, they remain bottom of the table, but fight! That is what is written this time on his page on “Facebook” Boris Kuzminov:

“In the fourth (if not mistaken) day of racing had three races. The force of the wind like in the environment, only then the wind died down from race to race, and today in the morning on the contrary was calm and carrot for an hour, and then inflated… we broke a boom brace and something else…and finally fell off the remnants of the top nosing (which is tied in the morning, the emergency unit of grottola). Is God heard us and made it impossible to die in the last race of the day…the power finally left.”

Kuzmin and Yuri Firsov is a 47-th place. The above line in the table located Andrew and Dmitry Novoderezhkin. Andrey Berezhnoy/ Denis Medvedev – on 49-m a place. Mikhail Senatorov/ Sergey Borodinov – 50-M.

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