Another drone

May 22, 2019

      Another drone
      Canada is preparing for an autonomous transatlantic navigation 40-foot unmanned yacht

Another drone

The boat under the name USV Maxlimer will have to conduct scientific research on the high seas on its way from Canada to South England. In the harbor, the yacht will be controlled from the remote control, while in the ocean it will transmit data via several satellite channels to its “captain” at the control station in the UK.

It is expected that the entire journey will take about 35 days.

The ship was built by SEA-Kit International, which builds ships for an autonomous survey of the sea floor. The construction company claims that USV Maxliner is very reliable and confident in the success of swimming.

Reportedly, the new unmanned yacht is an adaptable vessel capable of “acting in different roles with different payloads”, a kind of “sea pick-up”.

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