The doctor recommends to fly to Moscow

That’s what reported our colleagues working on the project #300 days around the world with Igor Zaretsky

Friends, literally we have just received very bad news. All the details out of respect for personal information and confidentiality can not give only a General picture:

Before the race, Igor was very thorough medical examination. Yes, age, Yes, health is not ideal. But the problems that followed in the first place to fear, according to experts has been resolved. Considering what stress she experiences during five months of solitary diving, we took advantage of this unexpected stop in Australia and persuaded Igor to go to a local clinic, make a short survey. We forwarded the results of a survey of Russian doctors who worked with Igor at the preparatory stage. Unfortunately, the result is disappointing. The team doctor for the results of the consultation urges Igor to fly to Moscow to undergo a thorough examination, you may need surgery.

What will happen with the race with the “Esmeralda”? Esmeralda stays in Albany to wait for Igor. For us, the team of Igor for his sponsor company Double V Russia, the race is not over until Igor Zaretsky will not give such commands. In the end, stop, sir Francis Chichester in Australia was delayed for 48 days, that did not prevent him from entering into the history of sailing. Igor himself, as you remember, is certain: “Until you saw the entrance buoy of Les Sables d’olonne, the fight cannot be stopped”.

We sent an official notification to the organizing Committee of the race #GoldenGlobeRace with a request to allow Igor to finish the race in the class “Chichester”. The organizing Committee supported the decision of the team and expressed hope for successful completion. As the President said race Don McIntyre: “Sad news but this is the adventure of LIFE and IGOR is grabbing every bit of that”.

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