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Three days ago, the American Randall Reeves (Randall Reeves) for the second time in one trip, passed Cape horn. In what way it happened?

It’s very simple – but actually very difficult. Reeves conceived to describe a figure of eight around Antarctica and the Americas. The project he was named the Figure 8 Voyage. Route length is about 38 000 nautical miles. Monstrous lot. But this certainly is not surprising, since Reeves has for many years been an avid fan of Bernard Moitessier – since, when, while still at the University, took that interview for the student radio station.

Started American in October 2018 from San Francisco (this city, we recall, is on the West coast of the United States). Headed first South and then East. And walked around the Antarctic for 110 days.

Now the route leads Reeves to the far North. The journey is planned in such a way to be in the high latitudes of the summer – this allows you to avoid the most severe storms. Reeves have to go through the canadian Northwest passage (he, by the way, there already were) and finish in San Francisco. The whole journey should take less than a year.

But that is the plan, and as happens in fact – God knows. Because Reeves has tried to describe his goo-goo “eight” and had to prematurely retire. The journey began in October 2017, and has gone Reeves, because his sloop capsized twice. For the first time – right before the horn – and it has failed both gyropilot. And secondly, between Africa and Australia, close to the Kerguelen archipelago. The result is filled with electronics.

This time, Reeves and his Moli (skipper calls his ship just Mo) luck. A journey without particular incident, and is “Pray” much faster. So the plan is to describe the “eight” in less than a year, is quite real.

Yes, you need to briefly tell you about the ship, the more that it deserves. 45-foot aluminum sloop was built in 1989 specifically for high-latitude expeditions. The first owner, a German Clark Sted – walked it around the two Americas. Second owner – American Tony guch – starting from North America, then sailed around Antarctica.

Turns out, Randall Reeves himself came up with nothing. Combined travel of the two previous owners of Moli – turned “eight”!

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