The Russians shared their ice boats!

According to the website of the WFTU with reference to the press service of the yacht club “Seven feet”, 14-15 December on the ice of Corner Bay held two competitions buernomu sports competitions in classes Buer Buer DN and Ice optimist and DN international regatta International Far East Cup 2019.

As one of organizers of competitions Valery Dychenko, this year in races across the ice, attended four foreign athletes – the strongest racers of the world, occupying a leading position in the world ranking of Berestov. It diderik van Riemsdijk (Netherlands, 31st place in the ranking), jörg Bohn (Germany, 23), Jost Kolb (Germany, 8) and Stefan Bofors (Sweden, 23).

From our side worthy of the competition, guests are ensured of a young athlete Anton Didenko, at the end of the winter competition became the bronze medalist of the world championship in the DN class and European champion at the European championship among juniors. By the way, this is the highest result achieved by the Russian athletes in this view, and he belongs to a sportsman from Vladivostok.

In addition to sailors from foreign countries and Vladivostok, the competition was attended by athletes from Khabarovsk and Novosibirsk. Only two regattas were attended by 22 adults and five young yachtsman.

The intrigue in these competitions have made force majeure. Glider and materiel that foreign participants were transported from Europe across Russia, did not have time to get there on time. As a result, the race organisers had to give the guests their cars, and by chase on old buildings and spare sails with a solid life.

On Saturday, December 14, the morning dawned very windy weather. The wind was a lot even for the DN iceboat class in which chase adult members, not to mention children’s Ice optimists. However, the race was held for children and adults. The boys, in connection with adverse weather conditions, it’s only been two races, adult – five.

In the end the children were the strongest Roman Petrov (the yacht club “Scarlet sails”) – 1st place, Jaroslav Mangutov (the yacht club “Scarlet sails”) – 2nd place and Michael Ermakov (the yacht club “Seven feet”) – the 3rd place.

Adults was a tight struggle. Anton Didenko prematurely eliminated from the competition because of Buer in one of the races broke the mast (your well-armed Buer he generously gave foreign colleagues than they really touched).

In General, the competition became not so much a sports contest to test knowledge of tactics and ability to control the Buer, how many friendly event to establish lasting contacts on the basis of buernomu sport.

Prize-winning places were distributed as follows:


1 place – Roman Kopylov (Khabarovsk, Russia)

2nd place – Bong, jörg (Germany)

3rd place – Jost Kolb (Germany)


1 place – Dmitry Semenov (Vladivostok, Russia)

2nd place – Dmitry Tarasov (Khabarovsk, Russia)

3rd place – Ilya Bogdanov (Khabarovsk, Russia)

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