On a luxury boat on an amazing and treacherous Amazon

Imagine a journey into the most beautiful, remote, mysterious and dangerous places on Earth aboard a luxury cruise liner. No one ever went to mystical adventures in the Amazon with a similar level of comfort and security.

It would seem that the obvious thing – river cruise ship with the Suite, but in South America this level of luxury to the inland waterways are rare. What are the costs, if the demand for tourism is quite small. Moreover, in the dangerous Amazon where, in fact, decides to go only a small part of those who once dreamed. Still, here you wants to eat everything – animals, fish, insects, plants.

This is the purpose of the project the travel company Aqua Expeditions – an unprecedented level of security and comfort. She built two luxury river ship, Aqua Amazon and Aria Amazon, designed by Peruvian architect Jordi Paigam (Jordi Puig). On Board each vessel can hold up to 30 passengers, and cabins for them is comparable to 5 star hotels. Every cabin has large panoramic Windows with spectacular scenery; you can lie on a soft bed and like to watch the amazing film about passing the wonderful world of Amazon.

Source Aquaexpeditions.com

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