The Siberian Cup has started!

December 6, 2019

      The Siberian Cup has started!
      The grand opening and the first racing day of the snowkiting and winter windsurfing competitions “Siberian Cup 2019” took place in Novosibirsk yesterday.

The Siberian Cup has started!

This year more than 80 adults and more than 40 children will take part in the competitions! Moreover, registration is still open for participants in the marathon and amateur competitions among beginner kiteboarders, which will take place next weekend.

Yesterday the weather pleased only with the sun and warm air temperature. The frontier wind blew all day, so the jury managed to hold only 2 races among children, 2 races among skiers and snowboarders and one among winter windsurfers.

According to the results of the races, strong leaders were identified, but the main struggle is yet to come!

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