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An innovative company from France “Iguana Yachts”, known for their futuristic developments, brought yachting to a new level by developing and crafting the boat-amphibian “Iguana 29”.

The most original technical solution that distinguish this miracle of shipbuilding from other vessels, are hidden in the body of the caterpillar. They can opuskatsya automatically and allow you to use the boat as a vehicle for movement on land.

In order to transform the boat to the vehicle, its driver need only press a button and wait fifteen seconds.

“Iguana 29” — not only the experimental transformer, it is also full console boat high quality that boasts excellent performance characteristics. The main purpose of the vessel – coastal walks, fishing and sports. Its propulsion system is an outboard motor of high power at speeds of up to 35 knots.

However, it is best to “Iguana 29” to use as a tender on Board the superyacht, what has his looks and interior, in which metal handmade elements combined with upholstery of genuine leather.

The company “Iguana Yachts” offers its buyers a choice of two virtually identical models of a boat amphibian that differ only in the dimensions:

  • “Iguana 24”, length of 7.31 meter.
  • “Iguana 29”, length 8.83 metres.
  • Additionally, the boat model “Iguana 29” is available in 3 trim levels:

  • “Exclusive”. This is the most expensive version which is chrome metal parts in the interior covered with gold. Also the case is painted in a Golden hue. Of equipment it is worth noting exclusive audio system from “Bose” and the screen located on the instrument panel, which displays all the necessary information. How about all ship systems, and about its environment, location, weather, and so on.
  • “Klassic”. Instead of gilding here chrome, the audio system is a simple model, but is set the same on-Board computer.
  • The “Adventure”. Boat-amphibian turned into a complete and practical SUV that provides comfortable travel, on water and on land. The vessel has such a configuration at the stern there is a spacious garage to accommodate surf boards and bicycles. Seat upholstery, rubberized floor and pillows protected from water, due to the special coating and can be easily cleaned of dirt.
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