Sea kayaking

Sea kayaking is a popular water activity in many island countries, and only beginning to find their fans in Russia. This is an opportunity to travel for those who like to challenge the sea and discover the unexplored corners.

The history of “boat hunter”

Kayak, traditional boat with a closed top, many of the peoples living in the Arctic. Translated from the Inuit language the name means “hunters boat”,
the original kayaks were created by wrapping a wooden frame with skins
dead animals.

Perhaps the kayak remained only on the pages of history, if
if in 60-e years of the 19th century a curious English inventor John McGregor not
stumbled upon information about such a Northern boat, born of a desire
certainly recreate such a vehicle to move on water
the expanses.

Having studied the design features of the boats of the natives of the Arctic
latitudes, MacGregor designed his first kayak, calling it the Rob-Roy, and after
decade afterwards founded the club of the lovers of rowing on a boat. To create
kayak at home is not an easy thing, so the English
designer found many followers in various parts of the world.

“Water all-terrain jeep”

Modern kayaks are made for the most innovative
technology of the most practical durable materials (the same as for
the yachting industry) – glass fiber and carbon fiber. They can easily
to travel long distances with minimal discomfort.

Most often this is a boat designed to accommodate one
person, but sometimes there are double models. Special fishing
kayaks are usually equipped with various additional devices,
designed for comfort, combining travel on a boat with a fascinating

Maneuvering a kayak you can easily get into the narrow Bay
and investigate the boat and the boat sea caves. This is an opportunity
fascinating voyage in coastal waters, because such a narrow
rowing can easily take place even in shallow water where the depth is not
exceed 15 cm.

Leisure and extreme sports

Kayaking may be a team, but mostly prefer it
lovers of secluded relaxation, looking to escape crowds of tourists and discover
themselves still unexplored, interesting place located on the water. Explore
mysterious sea caves and grottos, swim in close proximity to unique cliffs and
to make a Parking lot remote from civilization, deserted beaches in narrow coves –
all this allows kayak journey.

Sea kayaking is an opportunity as short evening or
morning boat trips and long expeditions fascinating.
Last option is sea travel allows you to fully experience
unity with nature and enjoy the beautiful colors of sunrises and sunsets over the

Sea kayaking can be an exciting kind
active recreation on the water (sailing, sea fishing from a kayak), and
gambling water extreme (complex marine expedition, traveling in
tidal currents that complexity is not inferior to the passage
rapids of the mountain rivers). Extreme can be a kayak journey and
the desire to swim close to whales or dolphins with the desire to touch them.

In any case, the kayaking, the main thing – not to lose vigilance
to be observant and cautious when moving on the open sea. Good
physical training in water entertainment plays a pivotal role. Easy
management allows you to participate in kayaking, even for beginners, but
the supervision of an experienced instructor in this case is required.

Locations for sea kayaking

Especially popular kayaks in the USA and
Canada, as well as the home of McGregor and Israel. In the beautiful caves of Halong Bay
in Vietnam only in the kayak and you can get there.

Extreme kayaking is popular in the waters of the Pacific ocean near
Vancouver island, where you can admire the whales. For security purposes, not
it is recommended to approach the whales by kayak closer than 100 m not to make noise and
not to make any sudden movements, and especially not to try to drive a wedge between these
sea giants.

Travel along the narrow, winding fjords, Norway kayaking is also one of the most successful water vehicles. In this country no problem to rent a suitable kayak for this aquatic adventure. Especially popular among kayakers Lofoten Islands.

In Russia some of the best conditions for sea kayaking in Vladivostok the Local kayakers have already a fancy neighborhood of Russky island. Complex conditions and
spectacular scenery – that’s what can give the searchers sea adventures
kayaking in Vladivostok. Kayaking in these areas is particularly
popular among fishing enthusiasts.

Another “Mecca” of domestic sea kayaking – the Crimea.
Popular Balaclava, before the former closed city. Here
there are a lot of formerly classified military bases and warehouses, so
kayaking in this area of the Crimea is akin to a fascinating wreck diving is the only adventure is on the surface. On kayak you can get to hidden caves, pass through the narrow bays. No less exciting will be kayak journey from Sevastopol to Cape Fiolent.

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