Question questions: where to get the money?


      Question questions: where to get the money?
      The President of the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Yoshiro Mori (at one time, recall, he was the Prime Minister of Japan) warned the IOC and international sports federations that the transfer of the Olympics would cost a huge amount.

President of the Tokyo Games Organizing Committee Yoshiro Mori

Mori informed the IOC leadership and the heads of federations about this in a confidential letter, the contents of which, however, became known to the authoritative British site This letter also refers to the fact that the federations will have to take on a certain portion of the upcoming costs.

As the American online publication emphasizes in this regard, Mori’s claim could be an insoluble problem for World Sailing. It is no secret that the International Sail Federation has long faced financial problems and an acute budget deficit. All the hopes of World Sailing management were related to the fact that immediately after the 2020 Games, the IOC will transfer to the federation the portion of its funds, however, now these contributions will have to wait another year. Now the only way out is to take another bank loan, which, in fact, will only exacerbate the financial problems of World Sailing.

How in this situation of the sailing federation to pay for the share of the probable cost of transferring the Olympics remains a mystery.

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