B-Team continues the second

On the next day of the world championship in SB20 class, which takes place in the French hyères, the press service of the Russian Association of this class:

Despite the long wait, the fourth day of the world Cup was able to hold four races . Only been six, and one result went on release.

First place at the moment is the French crew of the “Give me Five”. In second place is our “B-Team” Alexey Lesnikov.

Other Russian crews is located at the following positions:

14 – “AM Rusarc” Anastasia Morozova, 15 – “MST” Vasily Grigoriev, 17 – “New Territories” Alexei Semyonov, 25 – “ActiTime” Arsen Chubarkov, 26 – “Suicide Squad” Andrew Balakina, 31 Victoria Sailing Team Vadim Pusheva, 33 – “VIS Sailing Team” Timur Sabirzyanov, 47 – “Polar Bear Away” by Denis Solovyov, 53 – “ICWind” Olga Dmitrieva.

On Thursday, the first launch is scheduled for 11:00 Moscow time.

Detailed results –


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