A boat … of slippers!

January 30, 2019

      A boat … of slippers!
      Three years ago, residents of the Kenyan island of Lamu decided to clean the beaches of plastic garbage. And that's what came of it.

A boat ... of slippers!

Lamu Island is often called "Kenya's little pearl." But apparently, the pearl long ago it was time to put in order. Because the result of the work day in Kenyan began 300 tons of collected garbage, including 7 tons of torn slippers. It's about the usual flip flops, which in English-speaking countries are called flip-flops.

7 tons, so you know – this is 200 thousand torn flip flops. Whole mountain

After that, the initiative group of Lamu residents began to brainworm what to do with this mountain. Kenya has recently taken the most stringent measures to combat plastic pollution. So they decided: the Vietnamese should become a symbol of such a struggle.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, especially for the islanders, scientists at a British university developed the technology. Flip-flops melted down, and in the end they formed the basis for dhows (the so-called traditional Arab ships). The one that you see in the picture.

The boat was named Flipflopi. On January 24, she first left the waters of her native Lamu and headed for Zanzibar. This is, so to speak, a business trip for the exchange of experience.

Because on the beaches of Zanzibar with plastic debris and torn slippers things are not very good either.

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