Mini-Transat: a start has been made


      Mini-Transat: a start has been made

The Mini-Transat 2019 transatlantic sailing race of single-sailor yachts successfully started on Saturday, October 5, in French La Rochelle. All 87 participants (65 in the division of serial yachts and 22 in the “proto”) safely reached the distance of the first, 1350-mile stage to the Canary Islands. In two days, approximately half the way to Cape Finister

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<p>The first days were relatively calm. According to the organizers of the race, yachtsmen do not yet experience great difficulties in promoting their distance, breakdowns or serious technical malfunctions, none of the participants, although several yachts did not avoid minor injuries. Last night, leaving behind a high pressure zone, the riders plunged into the southeast wind flows that will accompany them until they exit the Bay of Biscay. It is assumed that the leaders of the proto division will go round Cape Finister already in the first half of Tuesday.</p>
<p>The fleet is currently stretching for approximately 80 miles. At the same time, the leaders of both divisions go pretty close to each other: Axel Trehin (Axel Trehin) and Ambrigio Beccaria (Ambrigio Beccaria) now share only about 20 miles. Russian participants in the regatta are held in the middle of the fleet. It can be assumed that the picture of the race will become clearer on Tuesday, when yachtsmen go to the coast of Portugal and will be picked up by a new, northerly wind blowing along the coast.</p>
<p>Andrey Petrov</p>
<p>The participation of the Russian yachtswoman in Mini-Transat is supported by NORD consulting, Griffon, Ullman Sails, Fordewind-Regatta, Gill, A.P.I. Marine, Sail Ropes, NAVTEAM, WISTA Russia, Alfa Insurance, Aquapac, Mobile Age, Nautix, MX6, Lyophilise & Co.</p>
<p>Sponsorship of Irina Gracheva is provided by the Path Yachting Foundation.</p>
<p>You can follow the progress of the race online on the Mini-Transat website:</p>
<p>Additional Information:</p>
<p>https: //www.minitransat.frhttps: //</p>
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