The America’s Cup: challengers became five

About his participation in the 36th draw of the America’s Cup has announced one more team from USA Stars & Stripes Team USA, representing the yacht club of long beach in California.

The organizers of the America’s Cup – new Zealand confirmed that the application Stars & Stripes Team USA received and approved. Moreover, they already gave the newcomers a package of documents for the construction of yachts АС75.

Thus, in 2021 the fight for the right to fight with the defender of the America’s Cup – Emirates Team New Zealand – in Auckland will lead at least 5 teams. This is Luna Rossa (Italy), American Magic (USA), INEOS Team UK (UK), Malta Altus Challenge (Malta) and Stars & Stripes Team USA (USA).

And it’s probably not the final list: the organizers claimed that at the last moment received 6 applications; however, it is unknown how many of them will be approved.

Rumors of a second American team went a long time. According to the initiators of its creation – 29-year-old Taylor Canfield and 36-year-old Mike Buckley work on the project began in the summer of 2017 – immediately after the victory of Emirates Team New Zealand over Oracle Team USA. The goal of the team, “which is not a single city but the whole country”, to return the America’s Cup to the United States.

To play for the Stars & Stripes Team USA will be the solely US citizens, because “in America, a huge number of talented sailors”. By the way, they are themselves the initiators of the project. Thus, the Canfield – 2013 world champion in match racing and four-time winner of the Congressional Cup, over the last five years three times was named the best match racer in the world. Agree, the young skipper more than powerful track record.

The head of the syndicate (and, obviously, the main money bag Stars & Stripes Team USA) is a 36-year-old Justin Schaffer, worked in different years in the “Facebook” and professional baseball. Other people who invested in the team, too, is poorly known to the General public. But the money is definitely there. In any case, according to Buckley, the budget team to start with would be “somewhat less” than a hundred million dollars.

And the last one. Canfield stated that a long-term project, the multi-Cup “America” and all the other details and pre-team will be announced in early 2019.

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