Is there life after the Oscars, or the Super-yacht of Leonardo DiCaprio

Is it possible to judge the tabloids for being so eager to discuss the long-awaited “Oscar” Leonardo DiCaprio? Perhaps in 23 years of his career and six failed attempts to get an Academy award even the most desperate “Capriati” had to admit that I hate Leo because he’s so damn good running in the frame.

The first nomination, DiCaprio was the role of the second plan in the movie “What’s eating Gilbert Grape?” It was in 1994. Then it four more times nominated as an actor and once as a producer. During this time, puberty, and manhood, and maybe even managed to give birth to a new Internet Troll who created the first meme on the theme of “Leo’s again not allowed”. Not seen these pictures? Congratulations, you are in the minority.

But it has happened. Wait. Given. And – emptiness. Even sadness. We suddenly realized that ended a whole epoch. Jokes about Leo and the Oscar is no more. Worry about the handsome so don’t. Now what to discuss, when the company suddenly comes up on DiCaprio? I can throw one.

How do you know Leo? Perhaps, like Jack from “Titanic.” Maybe as a patron of Amur tigers or as the actor to play Vladimir Putin? But you don’t know that DiCaprio is a big fan of super-yachts. Holidays, parties, simple cruises. He does not own a yacht (which many would consider very reasonable), and every time he takes a ship to rent, never repeating.

So throw firewood in the fading after the “Oscar” bonfire DiCaprio and treat yourself with a selection of photos of the actor enjoying life aboard a luxury super yacht.

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