While preparing for the worst

March 27, 2019

      While preparing for the worst
      Reports that appeared on the Web that the Turkish authorities intend to ban vessels flying foreign flags in Turkish waters already this season have caused a state of shock close to many charter companies.

While preparing for the worst

To dot the i's, an operative article in the International Boat Industry was called up.

Turkey is really going to ban charter activities in its waters of ships under foreign flags, the article says. This is caused, apparently, by the fact that the Turkish Ministry of Tourism was unhappy with the situation when foreign companies impeded the business of local operators.

In this regard, the Ministry proposed to strengthen the relevant law of 1926 with a provision that prohibits commercial operations between Turkish ports or along the Turkish coast to be prohibited by foreign vessels. Accordingly, the licenses for such activities, which expire on March 31 of this year, will not be extended this season.

It seems that Turkey intends to switch to the system used in Greece, where 51 percent of the capital of charter firms should belong to the citizens of this country. In order to pay taxes in Greece, and not in any other country.

Most of the charter companies in Turkey now do not belong to the citizens of the country.

In connection with the current situation, many charter companies see no other way out than to cancel all contracts already signed in 2019. As one Turkish businessman stated: “It is quite possible that sail lovers will be afraid to rent yachts here – no matter whether they are Turkish or foreign.”

The charter companies in Turkey still have little hope that the situation may change – after the local elections are held in the country on March 31. But while they are preparing for the worst.

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