Eternal values

In the Western press and investment analyst for over ten years, a term of passion investment. By this phrase is understood the assets acquired under the influence of emotions: objects of art, watches, vintage boats, vintage trophy home.

The market will take them to alternative investments, that isn’t fair: historically, the first role of investment instruments belonged to them. In the highest circles it was always made to keep the capital in jewellery and works of art. The representatives of the wealthy dynasties (Rothschilds, Vanderbilt) focused on collecting and gathering unique items. Even then, investment the feasibility of such investments was obvious, but in the case of art work she has provided to acquisition targets and more emotional, putting them much higher in the inner scale aesthete elite than securities and bonds.

We must not forget that even the most brilliant of the collection (whether it’s painting, jewelry, even watch movements) loses much without a decent rim, and the foolish will agree, to hold a multi-million dollar collection in the store, depriving themselves of the opportunity to enjoy it. Hence the tendency to create or purchase the appropriate residence, where the most valuable items of unique creations, handed down from generation to generation, could be put without compromising their dignity. Interestingly, whether an apartment in the city centre or country estate, these houses are always very different from the traditional, usual for that time. Obviously, the criteria for their selection or creation and requirements were slightly higher than we used in our days by putting them on a par with other works of art and making these homes also collectible.

  • Trophy property is a whole world, a way of life

  • The combination of materials, play of light, the smells… the Nuances are what make these homes collectibles

They even gave the definition of — trophy property (a trophy, a conquest). It should be noted that, as the picture cannot be decomposed into components like paints and canvas, trophy real estate is not just a standard set of characteristics that must distinguish the given object from the other. It is a world of art de vivre, a way of life, dictating their conditions. Here, value is everything: from the logic of the layout, perfect in its symmetry of the Windows and portals, applied materials and placed in the space of art to the subtle nuances of smells, play of light, tone sound chimney. But, of course, the main thing that distinguishes a trophy from any other houses with a claim to exclusivity is the highest level and uniqueness of the technologies and building solutions that make home beautiful aging and uninterrupted operation of all systems throughout tens, and even hundred years of life, making it the subject of inheritance a part of family values. Because the coincidence is still the best houses in new York or London of our elite, without exception are known. There addresses say about their owners better than any of the dossier, each exposed to the market a unique object is discussed in the secular and financial circles, is not less than the auctioning of the next work of the old masters.

  • Flawless in quality, stylish and expensive

Meanwhile, as time went on, in the legendary families, generations of, and values and traditions continued to be passed from father to son and some of them have reached our days. In particular, the choice of the same items investments as ten years ago. And, oddly enough, in recent years, despite a record high price at which the auction has gone some sensational paintings, almost half in investment portfolios of the global elite is still a trophy property. Today Russia is the absolute leader in the list of countries with a high proportion of so-called alternative investments. But unfortunately, despite the fact that Moscow has always been extremely desirable location to purchase real estate (enjoyed great popularity among billionaires from China, Korea, Arab countries), real estate that could be considered as a collectible on its territory until recently, was not, and our elite remained nothing how to purchase the proper level of residence abroad. Everyone has heard about the famous shopping Leonid Blavatnik, Dmitry Rybolovlev, and many others, continuing the tradition of hunting for “trophies” in order to curry favor with the global elite and to be recognized as a part of it. It all began, if you remember, with the purchase of football clubs, exotic travel, and other extravagant Hobbies, but only an appeal to eternal values, such as art, trophy homes and land and have the highest investment value, built Russian “chinatow” the level of world high society: are acknowledged for their impeccable taste and love of beauty.

It is worth noting that over the last couple of years the situation on the Russian market has radically changed, and Moscow has finally taken its place on the map of the world of trophy real estate thanks to the very unexpected appearance in the heart of a complex of villas with aristocratic Noble title Row. First, this project was seriously discussed in new York, and at the highest academic level — the benefit most of his award-winning creators is there, then it said a number of American publications Departures, Galerie and the American Robb Report in the anniversary edition of the Best of the Best, who called it one of the top five new world creations over the past year (that works, because just building it to name language does not turn).

Noble Row, barely emerged, marked a long-awaited appearance in Moscow, trophy, collector’s estate not only in Moscow, but by world standards. And it’s not the experts of the architecture by renowned international rating publications, just our elite, tired of the great number of “elite” Moscow projects, now have a place to live in the city centre, in a house worthy of its residents.

  • When you look at the Noble Row not dare to call this a masterpiece just the building

Noble Row is almost sold out. The creators of the legendary project Arkady and Constantine Akimova guardedly announce the release of two more projects in Saint-Petersburg and in Moscow, — impeccable and stylish, but completely different format. The brothers have a rule: never to be repeated. Such housing and may not be much, after all it is hard to imagine how much effort and work of dozens of star command required to create such a masterpiece, not to mention the fact that it is very expensive from all points of view: the intellectual, temporal and financial. But based on experience, one thing is for sure: nothing like none of the capitals have not yet seen. Unfortunately, all is kept secret… the Big money loves silence.

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