Novosibirsk welcomes you!

In early December, 2019 “Cup of Siberia” will open a new decade of Siberian snowkite and winter Windsurfing for adults and children!

From 4 to 9 December at the beach “boomerang” of the city of Novosibirsk in 11-th time will host the biggest all-Russia competitions on winter kiting and Windsurfing “Cup of Siberia”! Every year, more than 150 athletes from across the country gather here for the opening of the season.

The program not only winter types of sailing. In the framework of the “Cup of Siberia” will be held free workshops and lessons Snowkiting competitions from sponsors and partners and many other interesting entertainment for the guests!

The programme will be able to take part not only professionals but also Amateurs! Anyone who just learned to ride with the kite, can test your strength and significantly improve the levels. Because, as you know, it was the spirit of rivalry spurs each to improve!

This year the organizers have given special emphasis on conducting children’s competitions. Little kiters and older guys will start to separate range, but similar to the adults as for the length, and complexity. Because many of them have a chance to get into the national team of Russia on kiteboarding and in four and a half years to take part in the Olympic games in 2024! For this reason, now the children need to “roll” a quality racing experience.

For professionals, Amateurs and young athletes open different competitive disciplines:

marathon – race for the long haul

the course-race – race on a difficult distance, with use of skills walking in different courses relative to the wind

freestyle is probably the most spectacular discipline in which athletes show complex and tricks, flying a kite high in the air

The program of the event:

4 December – arrival of participants, training race

December 5 – registration of participants, opening ceremony, the first starts

6 – 7 Dec – starts in all disciplines, entertainment

8 Dec – the final events of the awards ceremony and closing events and, of course, the legendary snowkite party Siberian!

December 9 – day of departure of participants

Already open registration of participants on the official website

Come to participate in the competition “Cup of Siberia 2019”, learn to ride or just watch the exciting starts and finishes and to join the new winter activity!

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