For the 50th time!

March 27, 2019

      For the 50th time!
      Only five days remain before the first races of the famous spring regatta in the Olympic classes – Trofeo Princesa Sofía Iberostar on the Spanish island of Majorca, which celebrates its anniversary this year: it is held for the 50th time!

For the 50th time!

This regatta has always been popular with yachtsmen, but this year its level is as high as never before! Suffice it to say that this time the owners of the gold medals of last year’s integrated world championship in nine out of ten programs intend to participate in Trofeo Princesa Sofía! In total, more than 1,200 yachtsmen (850 ships) from 68 countries will start.

And this, imagine, not final figures. In honor of the anniversary, the organizers decided to extend the deadlines for submitting applications for participation almost before the start of the races – so that absolutely everyone could perform. True, this does not apply to all disciplines. For example, in the "Laser-standard" quota is already selected – there will be 191 yachtsmen.

But who will represent our country on Trofeo Princesa Sofía Iberostar (judging by the application lists):

470 (men). Pavel Sozykin / Denis Gribanov, Christian Czech / Victor Tarasov, Boris Kucherenko / Maxim Cherenkov.

470 (women). Alisa Kirilyuk / Angelica Chernyakhovskaya.

49er. Jan Cech / Ivan Zotov, Konstantin Nosov / Alexander Gaidaenko.

49erFX. Zoya Novikova / Diana Zabirova.

Finn. Vladimir Krutskikh, Arkady Kistanov, Mikhail Yatsun, Yuri Polovinkin.

Laser. Sergey Komissarov, Daniel Krutskikh, Maxim Nikolaev, Kirill Evfimievsky, Dmitry Bondarenko.

Laser Radial. Ekaterina Morgun, Maria Kislukhina, Ekaterina Zyuzina, Valeria Lomatchenko, Ekaterina Guseva, Ekaterina Bereza.

Nakra17. Sergey Dzhienbaev / Sofia Kiseleva, Maxim Semenov / Alina Schetinkina.

RS: X (men). Evgeny Ayvazyan, Alexander Askerov, Maxim Tokarev, Vladislav Burmistrenko.

RS: X (women). Maria Lemenkova.

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