Volvo Ocean Race is no more!

But to worry about the famous round the world race should not be – it will continue to exist. Just now she has a new name, like the former, but one word shorter. Now it’s Ocean Race.

This was announced in the French capital at the annual yacht boat show Salon nautique international de Paris.

Presentations round the world race-2021 (about it below) there, in Paris, was preceded by an important event – the General Assembly of the class IMOCA 60, during which a vote was held on the question of participation in Ocean Race. The proposals prepared by the class President Antoine Termodom and technical Committee, was approved almost unanimously: 71 votes for, none against and four abstained.

IMOCA 60 yachts will start next Ocean Race, which starts in 2021. As stressed during the presentation one of the new owners of the race Johan Salen, he and his colleagues hope that in the Ocean Race-2021 will deliver 10-15 IMOCA 60 yachts and boats 5-7 class VO 65.

The race start will be given in October in Alicante (Spain). It is known that interest to make the fleet Ocean Race, showed 45 cities around the world. But the number of stages while in the waves of uncertainty: it is expected that clarity will come in the second quarter of 2019. The fact that the captains of the IMOCA 60 wish the stages were smaller, however, sailors with 65 VO does not agree with them.

As noted at the presentation of Salen, personally he was in favour of 7-8 stages.

It is likely that the start in Alicante and will be preceded by a prologue. In this case, the fleet Ocean Race will move from Marseille.

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